Key Small Tricks To Turn Your Bathroom New Again On A Budget

Ever since you wear young, your family lived in the same house. It was a big house located in the middle of a lush green property. This is where you grew up and made memories with all of your family members. Everything in the property is still functional up to this day, but regardless of how many hours you spend cleaning and dusting items in the house, you admit that it looks old. The rooms in the house look boring and outdated. But among all of the areas of the room, you’re very keen about the bathroom. This is the first room that you go to early in the morning to prepare for work and relax when you’re stressed – this is why you want to turn your bathroom new again even when on a budget.

If you’re someone who wants to ensure that everything in your house looks good, you should start with your bathroom first. Your family members and guests will use this when they’re in your home. How your bathroom looks will also reflect how you are as a homeowner. To help you turn your bathroom new, consider these tricks:

1. Clean first:

Antique luxury design of blue bathroom

Before thinking of re-arranging or adding pieces of furniture, clean your bathroom first. Assess if you’re still keeping empty toilet paper rolls or soapboxes. If you have, throw these away. You should also do the same for towels or fixtures which aren’t useful anymore. These things are only taking up important storage space – storage which you can use for other important things.

2. Replace your countertop accessories:

Bathroom countertop accessories
No, replacing your countertop accessories doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Look through your supplies and use unconventional storage ideas to be placed on your countertop. If you have a shiny bowl, use it as a soap holder. An old Mason jar or cup can also be an excellent choice for storing your toothbrushes. When you follow any of these, you’re not only recycling old items, but you’re actually creatively storing all of your items.

3. Change what you keep on the countertop:

bathroom countertop ideas
It’s common to see several items placed on the countertop. While this can be convenient for you, it can become an eyesore over time. Take the time to determine which ones should be placed on the countertop and which shouldn’t. For starters, a shaving gel and aspirins should only be placed behind a medicine cabinet door or a drawer, not on your countertop.

4. Add plants:

bathroom Plant ideas
Most of the time, bathrooms come in neutral colors – beige, blush or cream. This can create a very relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. To add a pop of color to your monochromatic bathroom, add plants. Depending on its size, you can place a plant on top of your sink, beside your shower or behind the door. Just make sure that the plants you’ll be adding can thrive indoors!

5. Consider a bit of furniture:

bathroom furniture ideas
If you have extra furniture in your home, use it for your bathroom. Places like Burdens Bathrooms might be able to help. A side table or stool will look good when placed in your bathroom. You can use this to hold a plant, your favorite book and even a glass of wine.

6. Rethink the artwork in your bathroom:

bathroom artwork ideas
It’s uncommon to see picture frames inside the bathroom, but it can do wonders for its overall look. If you have your favorite traveling photos or your pet’s headshot, hang this in your bathroom. This will give your bathroom a more personal touch while allowing anyone who uses your bathroom to know you a little better.

7. Consider wall decals:

bathroom wall decor ideas
Instead of using paint or wallpaper, wall decals are a great way to personalize your bathroom without spending too much. And since there are many designs to choose from, you’ll surely find one that’s apt for your bathroom’s theme. What’s great about wall decals is that you can easily replace them whenever you want.

It’s All Worth It

If you’re doing a renovation this big for the first time, you might think that this is a tedious chore – but actually, it isn’t. If you have a guide on what to do, you’ll surely have fun turning your bathroom into something new. You can use this article as your reference and don’t be afraid to tweak details along the way to make these tips your own. Once you’re done with this renovation project, you’ll be proud of the time and efforts you’ve put in your bathroom!

Bethany Worth

Bethany is an aspiring interior designer who enjoys designing, especially the bathroom and kitchen. She currently writes for Burdensbathrooms and is passionate about renovations. In her spare time, she reads design magazines and loves to work in a local interior design business for inspiration.

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