6 Way To Prepare Your Outdoor Area For Summer

As Summer 2018 quickly approaches, many people begin planning their barbeques, parties and other events to make memories, connect with friends, and have a good time. Before you hit the ‘send’ button to get invitations into the inboxes of your closest friends, it’s best to set the tone and create the ambiance outside. Prepare your outdoor area for hosting through these six tips.

1. Food Preparation

outdoor summer Kitchen Decoration

The grill is the signature staple for preparing amazing food during the summer months. Make sure you have a working grill, the proper griller utensils, charcoal and sanitary working conditions. Whether you’re grilling meat or vegetables, always keep the workstations consistently clean. After all, you don’t want anyone to leave and get sick as a result of unsanitary practices. Keep your gloves, aprons and cooking trays nearby. Be sure to keep a few coolers nearby. Even though you might set up the food inside, keep the drinks outside. Most people tend to drink more when it’s hot because they want to stay hydrated. Keep the drinks accessible to your guests and keep them on ice. To know more about the grill this review article from BroBBQ about pellet smoker will definitely help you with that.

2. Lounging Area

outdoor summer Lounging Area
Purchase really comfortable outdoor patio furniture. In order to pull an outdoor space together, use an outdoor rug. It’ll make your guests feel like they’re sitting in an outdoor living room. Keep blankets nearby for guests who might get a little chilly at night. Add a fire pit for those who want to make s’mores or look at the fire. Ottomans are great to include as they invite people to put their feet up and relax.

A summer house can be a sanctuary for some people, but it can really be used for anything. If you’re struggling to decide which summer house to buy take a look through projecttimber.com they have a wide variety of different sized summer houses for you to choose from.

3. Pool Preparedness

Luxury Home outdoor swimming pool
If you have a pool in your backyard, let guests know they are more than welcome to throw on their bathing suits and hop in the pool for a swim. Make sure that it’s thoroughly clean. It’s even nice to add fun flotation toys. Many companies are selling floating toys in the shapes of different emojis as a nod to social media culture. Make your pool party pictures Instagram-worthy by adding a few of those fun decorative yet functional elements.

4. Games Area

Home backyard hopscotch Games
Enjoy the giant versions of games like Jenga and hopscotch. If there’s a concrete slab on the property, add a few jump ropes so friends can have fun with a few rounds of double dutch. Set up a table that’s just for those who love to play dominoes. There are tons of card games and board games that people love to play when they get together. Put all of the games in a basket and make sure guests know they can have fun with them.

5. Landscaping

Home summer Landscaping
Landscaping is such an important element to consider. If you don’t naturally have a green thumb, it’s a good idea to hire a landscaper to keep the grounds beautiful. Plant different flowers in a few areas of the property. Add colored concrete in Bloomington for texture and depth. There are professionals who specialize in stamped concrete work in Bloomington. Make sure the grass is kept trimmed. Even though there are plants, trees and flowers outside, a fun floral arrangement at the outdoor dining table is nice to include as well. As the day turns to night and the party continues, you’ll want to make sure your guests can still see. Use solar-powered lights and line them along the walkways. Create a design of string lights that hang in the areas above where people tend to hang out. It’ll offer a cozy ambiance to the party.

6. Dining

summer backyard Dining
Whether people are chowing down on grilled barbeque ribs or corn on the cob, it’s nice to sit at a table and focus on the food. A large picnic table is a great option that allows a bunch of your guests to sit, dine and enjoy one another. A rustic camping table from Gear Hungry is a popular choice. On top of the picnic table, add a pergola with curtains. You can also hang a few small chandeliers from the pergola to make it look more luxurious.

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