Check When Buying The Best Baby Dresser 2018
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Things To Check When Buying The Best Baby Dresser 2018

A changing table may look like a useless piece of furniture to many, but the truth is that takes the hassle out of the task of changing diapers. It can be a demanding routine considering that you may have to change your newborn’s diaper every 2-3 hours. However, instead of buying a changing table, you can simply opt for a dresser and use it for changing diapers. It may also serve as your regular dresser when your baby grows out of changing table. Just be sure to select the best baby dresser 2018 to get the best value for your money. Here are a few things to check to make the right purchase!

Check the Drawer Glides

If you are buying online, you should read reviews of a dresser to know about the quality of drawer glides. When buying in the store, you can ensure that the dresser has drawers with an easy glide. Top brands offer dressers with drawers having tracks on its both sides. Cheap dressers do not usually have this feature and have drawers that rely on a track at the bottom and do not glide or roll out smoothly. Some drawers may come off the track too, which can be quite dangerous when changing your baby. Keep in mind that some dressers do have glides, but they use metal glides, which are usually of very low quality.

Baby Dresser Drawer Glides

If you are buying from a top brand, you will notice drawers with elaborate mechanisms, including self-closing glides or the use of ball bearings. Self-closing glides look quite sophisticated because you can close the drawer with a gentle push. Some dressers may also contain wood-on-wood glides, but it is better to avoid them if you are looking for the best baby dresser in 2018.

Do Not Overlook the Sides

Baby Dresser from side view
Check the sides of the drawer before buying a dresser. Again, you will be able to check it properly when you are in store. To buy online, you should either read reviews or ask the seller at this point. Ideally, the best dresser would come with dovetailed drawer joints. Most drawers use two types of dovetailed drawers – French and English. Either one is good, but you should simply avoid dressers with drawer fronts stapled together.

Pay Attention to the Corner

Baby Dresser at corner decoration
Check the corners of the drawers. Ideally, you should avoid drawers with corner blocks. Simply pull the drawer out of the dresser, turn it over, and check its corners. You should have a small block bracing the corner. Keep in mind that the absence of this feature would make the drawerless stable.

Inspect the Back

Check the back of the dresser or inquire about how it is made. You can simply read reviews or ask a seller to tell you about the materials they have used to make the back of the dresser. Cheap dressers will have a flimsy piece of chipboard attached to the back. Ideally, you should look for a dresser with a solid piece of wood screwed to the back of the dresser.

Check the Main Material

If you are interested in buying the best baby dresser 2018, you should always pay attention to the main material used to manufacture it. The best dressers usually come with solid wood drawer fronts and tops – the presence of solid wood sides makes them even better. The problem is that solid wood dressers can be quite expensive. In this case, you can put your money on dressers made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), which serves as a good alternative to solid wood.

Baby Dresser Decoration

It works well because it is made using wood scraps that are transformed into fiber using special procedures. It is easier to sculpt MDF because it does not have a wood grain, which is why MDF dressers are relatively affordable and still have good quality. The only concern is that MDF dressers may contain formaldehyde because it uses resin or glue to keep the board together. You do not have to worry about this in case you opt for a dresser from a reputable brand. Buying dressers that are GREENGUARD certified also lower the risk of buying dressers that contain toxins.

The fact of the matter is that the task of buying the best baby dresser 2018 becomes easier when you are willing to conduct some research online. Buying a dresser in a store is usually the better option because you can check everything carefully, but you can ask about the abovementioned features even when placing your order online. Just keep in mind that when buying a dresser, it is usually better to spend some extra money to buy something that stays with you for long.

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