Simple Tips for Students on Writing Excellent Essays



In this article, we’ll cover some simple tips for essay writers who wish to write excellent, top-mark essays. Whether the essay you have in mind is for coursework, an application, or a personal project, these tips are designed for every writer to return to once in a while.

Over a year, a daily practice like this will mean you spend 5,475 minutes penning your ideas. Only through consistency will greatness emerge.

What you do in that time slot is up to you. For students writing a lot of essays that 15-minute practice could relate to taking notes on course materials, or coming up with ideas for a big project like a dissertation.

Read a lot


The next tip is the other side of the coin. Writing requires readers, so join the ranks. Make sure that you keep reading. Make sure you’re reading something ‘good’ – we won’t push certain books here, but there is a difference in quality and worth between, say, a tabloid newspaper and a scholarly article. All that depends on circumstance, however: perhaps you’re studying media and reading tabloids is essential to being a pro essay writer in that field.

Reading requires recording and reflection. For students, keeping orderly notes and bibliographies throughout the year is a way to build a personal library. Essay writers online presence is useful here too: you can store notes and sources in the cloud and save them securely. This intimate relationship with source materials will be invaluable in the years to come, either directly through your notes on the text, or by establishing a habit that you can take into the future.

Use the right tools

When writing an essay that will contribute to your overall grade, you must know how to use a spell checker and a grammar checker. Whether you’re doing edits manually – some writers prefer printing off the essay and amending it by hands – or using something like Grammarly, proofreading must take place; otherwise, you’re going to throw away that small percentage of the mark that relates to formatting and spelling.

Aside from the mundane aspects of grammar and punctuation, writing needs to have a soul. If you wish to write excellent essays, you must first believe in yourself. That might sound trite, but in practice, it simply looks like someone who is enjoying their work. To make this easier, it is advised to write on topics that interest you when you get the chance. Get fascinated by the subject, find your angle, and make sure you convey this interest through your words.

One of the best ways to find this power is to read your paper aloud. Imagine you’re delivering even the most standard essay as a talk at an event or festival. My essay writer friends find this hilarious, but it works. Reading aloud helps to iron out the awkward sentences that inevitably found their way into your work.

Build habits

As a final remark, remember that habits matter. Start building habits that will support your writing practice and your grades will flourish. Work with friends, work regularly on your own, set targets, and don’t beat yourself up if you miss them. Revise the target and try to set it again or replace it with a different one.

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