7 Reasons to Install a Hydrotherapy Tub


Young woman in hot tub

Feeling good when you’re at home is important. It’s worth getting the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned once in a while, but what else can you do?

When it comes to soothing relaxation and therapeutic benefits, it’s hard to argue with getting a hydrotherapy tub installed at home.

Here are 7 reasons to install a hydrotherapy tub this year.

1. Improved Accessibility for Disabled People or Seniors

Using the Kohler walk-in bath as an example, it has a low 3-inch entry threshold, so it’s easier for people with mobility issues to step inside for a bath. While it’s not designed for wheelchair access, not all disabilities are the same. Maneuvering may be more difficult but clearing a 3-inch height rather than the sides of a bathtub is far easier to achieve.

If you want to know how much does a Kohler walk-in bath cost, reading some reviews will help. These spacious baths come at various prices depending on the size and features. For people wanting a luxury bathing experience, models often include stylish chrome and nickel, along with convenient handrails too.

2. Hydrotherapy for Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy is a useful water-based tool that can help provide relief from arthritis, promote the immune system, and cut down on inflammation too.

The combination of taking the weight off the joints through natural buoyancy, the massaging effect experienced inside a tub or bath, and the relief from heat combine to deliver health benefits.

3. Happier Mood

Taking a dip in a hydrotherapy tub is more than just taking a bath.

It promotes relaxation and relief from the aches and pains of life. Closing your eyes and enjoying a soak never felt so good.

Listening to some music while taking a soak isn’t a bad idea either. Candles with the lights turned off can provide sufficient illumination while setting a calm mood after a long, hard week.

4. Reduce the Likelihood of Accidents

For people with mobility issues, the shower and the bath are causes for concern. Getting into and out of either is problematic.

There are usually uneven surfaces that are difficult to walk on, and often are slippery too. As a result, it’s all too easy to take a fall. Even deteriorating eyesight can cause problems if your vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

One of the best preventions for falls is to have guardrails or grab bars along the edge of the bath to make contact with and use for stabilization. Most hydrotherapy tubs are fitted with these. But not having to climb over a bath to get into it is a huge gamechanger. This automatically makes anyone unsteady on their feet – a difficulty that is exacerbated when mobility is problematic.

By just opening a glass door to enter and lifting the feet a minimal amount to reach the tub, it reduces the difficulty significantly and the risk of a fall is diminished along with it.

5. Battle Fatigue for Faster Recovery Times

Longer days can create fatigue. Also, when there’s plenty of stress to go around then you get tired faster too. Even with a night of good sleep, it’s difficult to recover during the week. Also, if you play sports, you may notice painful muscles the next morning.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, taking a soak in the evening before bedtime can reduce the amount of fatigue that’s felt. Muscle relaxation and taking the weight and stress off your back is also a great help. Coupled with a decent night of rest, it can provide faster recovery even before the weekend is here.


6. Restless Sleep is Minimized

Muscular tension can be caused by sitting for too long at your desk and not getting enough exercise. Failing to stretch out your muscles regularly causes lactic acid to build up.

The active jets from a hydro tub can ease tension in the various muscle groups. Doing so reduces the likelihood of getting muscle cramps during the night, waking up in pain, and needing to stand and stretch out to relieve it. Falling back to sleep is always harder when this happens.

7. Remain Independent for Longer

When we get old, there’s a risk of losing our independence and becoming unable to take care of ourselves. Bathing is a key issue with this because it requires greater balance, flexibility, and focus to avoid an injury.

While it may not be possible to live independently forever, a hydrotherapeutic tub makes it easier to not lose it because bathing has become too difficult to do alone. Also, if you’re a senior, it can provide needed reassurance to siblings or your dependents that you’re still okay.

There are a surprising number of different reasons for owning a hydrotherapy tub. Any one of them could justify the decision and make it an excellent choice for you.

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