Seven Tips to Help Keep Your Bathroom Healthy and Clean

Keeping your house clean and healthy makes it possible for you to enjoy coming back to your home. No one wants to go back to a house full of clutter, dust, and bad smell. One particular place to start cleaning and organizing is the bathroom.

Bathrooms provide breeding grounds for mold and bacteria to grow. Have you ever tried to use a variety of products to try to clean the bathroom but after some time, you see mold growing on your ceiling? You’re not the only one! Many people don’t understand how to keep their bathroom healthy. Fortunately, it’s easy to uphold a healthy and comfortable bathroom with these simple tips:

1.Clean the bathroom.

Clean the bathroom

Bathrooms should be cleaned on a daily basis. Cleaning should be done with quality products to prevent bacteria from growing on various surfaces. Avoid using cleaning products that irritate the skin. If you can, avoid products made with ammonia, petroleum, chlorine, and switch to natural products.

2.Get rid of the plastic vinyl shower curtain.

Get rid of the plastic vinyl shower curtain
Plastic shower curtains are made with PVC, which contains carcinogens and other toxic materials. Using such shower curtains exposes your bathroom to toxins that are harmful to your body. You can replace these shower curtains with washable nylon or polyester shower liners.

3.Keep your toothbrush safe.

Keep your toothbrush safe.
Many people leave their toothbrushes on the counter after brushing which exposes them to bacteria. For instance, when you flush the toilet with the lid open, some spray of water in the bowl is sent to the air and lands on whatever is near it, including your toothbrush. This can transfer E. coli and other bacteria when you use your toothbrush. Toothbrush and paste should be stored in a medicine cabinet or under the sink. You should also thoroughly wash the toothbrush after use.

4.Clean hair from all surfaces.

After combing your hair, make sure you clean the hairbrush or comb. Also, make sure the sink area or the dressing table has no hair on it. Leaving hair in your brush bristles coats the brush with dead skin cells, products residues, and oils that form breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria. It’s essential to clean your hairbrush at least once a month. For women, it’s also necessary to clean the makeup brushes occasionally.

5.Flush the toilet with the lid closed.

Flush the toilet with the lid closed.
According to experts, fecal matter and urine can fly as far as six feet away from the toilet bowl. Flashing while the lid is open exposes your bathroom to bacteria.
It’s also essential to avoid putting back the toilet brush into its holder immediately when you’re done with cleaning. Make sure it’s scorched dry to avoid scrubbing back the same bacteria into your bathroom.

6.Change showerheads.

Change showerheads
Because water might be contaminated along the way, getting a filtered showerhead will help remove harmful substances like chlorine and other particles. Taking a bath in clean water is healthy to your hair and the rest of your body. Read more on the benefits of clean water on sites like Home Fix World Website and others.

7.Vent out the moisture.

Vent out the moisture
To ensure your bathroom stays clean from molds, you’ll need to install a ceiling vent fan. The vent fan will help dehumidify the room and vents when you’re taking a shower.

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