How Long Before Carpet Needs to Be Replaced?

Carpets can add a lot to the home decor. With many materials, designs and prices to research, owners can spend hours choosing the right rug for their needs. In general, the quality and type of stuff affect the durability of carpets in the home. Several factors influence the length of time before your carpet needs to change.

Carpets come in a variety of categories called “grades” that indicate the length of the fiber and the density of the threads, that is, how close together the tufted carpets are woven. These grades provide information about how the rug will look and how well they will wear. Exactly how much you need to replace your carpet depends on how much wear is achieved and how well and how frequently it is maintained. One can also buy discount flooring dallas.

If you want to know how long before carpet needs to be replaced, then it depends upon different factor. A few of then re as below:

Type of Material

The wool is the most expensive of the types of carpet, with a soft touch and excellent resistance to wear that makes it last for many years. However, it does not clean easily, which makes a poor choice for homes with small children or pets. Nylon is a good option for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Polyester is low in cost but does not have the strength of nylon or wool. Polyester rug lasts only about five years due to its tendency to crush and wear.

Use of Room

Use of Room

Family rooms, living and dining rooms have heavy use. Bath mat can get wet frequently and develop meld problems. Lobbies and corridors see heavy pedestrian traffic, which requires more frequent replacement of carpeted areas, sometimes as often as every three to five years.
So choose the carpet according to the room so that you need not to replace them frequently.

Children and Pets

Pets and children, of course, can have a significant impact on the carpet in your home. Children and their friends tend to run and skate on carpet surfaces. They can also run toys along the fibers of the rug, which can damage them. Spills and stains can also be a problem with children in the house. Pets may leave “surprises” for their owners that require frequent cleaning and cleaning. These activities can cause severe wear on the carpet fibers so that the carpet might need a more frequent change.

How To Keep Carpet In New Condition

Carpet In New Condition
To keep your carpet in good condition so that you need not to replace them frequently follow the following tips to clean them:


You can vacuum your carpet once a week and always in the direction of the hair. An easy way to know what the course of the hair is by passing the flat hand over the carpet. If the surface has a soft touch, that is the direction of the hair. However, if the material is hard and raised, it means that it is the counterweight.

Also, consider raising the aspirate in each movement. Never vacuum with forwarding and backward movements, always follow the same direction.

When the carpet is new, some surplus wool can appear which can cause lint loss. On a Persian rug, this usually disappears after vacuuming once or twice. On rugs made in India, for example, you can stay for a longer time.

Good advice is to try not to suck all the excess wool/lint at once. It is advisable to avoid hitting a carpet since there is a risk of damaging the knots.

Brands and Footprints On The Carpet

Brands and Footprints On The Carpet
The brand or footprints created by the furniture are easy to eliminate. Begin by moistening a cloth in cold water; cover the area where the marks appear with the fabric. Then, carefully and without generating pressure, iron the fabric with an iron a couple of times, always in the direction of the hair. If the marks do not disappear, repeat the same process.

To remove marks on a carpet, put a cloth moistened in cold water and then gently pass the iron a couple of times in the direction of the hair.

New Life and Shine For Your Carpet

One way to renew a carpet is to put it in the snow with the hair down. Before doing so, the carpet keeps the mat outside, so it cools and prevents the snow from melting.

Turn the Rug

Turn the Rug
A carpet should be turned 180 degrees every few months. This is done to prevent the rug from losing color in the same area in the case of being exposed directly to the sun. In addition, turning the carpet prevents always wear in the same place.


After a few years of use, it is recommended to wash the carpet but preferably not in a dry cleaner if not by a cleaner specialized in oriental carpets. In a specialized cleaner, the carpets are agitated and released from small particles such as dust, gravel, and sand. Afterward, the small spots are treated specially. The carpet is washed with cold water: it is soaked in water, and then rubber rakes are used to remove all the dirt. This form of washing returns to the carpet the vitality of the hair, the brightness and the sharpness of the colors.


A handmade rug can be repaired in case of accidental damage. In a carpet, they can repair or replace the fringes, and in fact, they are abused or broken. If damage appears along the sides of the carpet or has smaller holes or if the color has worn out, they can be repaired. This type of damage must be repaired by a specialist in oriental rugs to achieve a good result.

It is usually quite expensive to repair a handmade rug so it should be considered if the repair is really necessary. Some carpets age better in their original state, with some degree of wear.


Carpets and rugs are always the part of every home, and they are all time decor essentials that make a home look more tidy and cozy. The warmth of carpet fabric in the indoor environment, makes kids to play, pets to rest, and even protects from home accidents to some context. Carpets are all-time daily wear and tear decor item that completes the look of home for many years.

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