6 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

There’s a new housing trend making the rounds, but it’s got little to do with style – and everything to do with size.

More and more people are forgoing the traditional family home in favour of smaller – that is, tiny – alternatives.

At first glance, it’s hard to see the advantages of having less space when you’re already struggling to make the most of what you have.

The reality, though, is that less really can more. Read on to see the huge advantages tiny homes have over their traditional counterparts.

Save space, save money

Tiny Home

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Taking up less space means more money in your pocket, full stop.

Buying – or building – a new home is largest investment most people make in their lifetimes.

And you can end up paying for it for a lifetime, too, as many who take out a mortgage end up paying more money over a longer period because of interest.

But a tiny home can be had for as little as the price of a car, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

And all that extra money? You can put it toward anything you like – from a retirement portfolioto your dream international vacations.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement
Wanderlust is a feeling of being trapped by your surroundings – a yearning for travel.

And while you might make time for a vacation every now and then, in a traditional home, that’s about the best you can do.

With a tiny home, though, you can take all of your comforts with you and travel whenever you like (the rest of your life permitting).

No need for a house-sitter when you can take your house to greener pastures at a moment’s notice.

And if you really love it in your vacation spot? Drop anchor and stay a while.

Use less energy

Taking up less space doesn’t just save you money on your home – it saves resources in general.

The amount of energy required to heat a home in winter (or keep it cool during the summer) is staggering.

But less space in your home means lower temperature control costs.

What’s more, living smaller means you use a lot less of other resources, too – from electricity to water to waste.

And if you want to totally rough it, that’s possible in a tiny home, too – your energy needs can easily be met witha wood stove and a solar panel.

Downsize – and minimise messes

Downsize – and minimise messes
How many times have you looked at one of your closets and thought “finally, this weekend I’ll organise it”?

Probably more than you can count, and that goes for all of the spaces in your home – your garage, your bedroom, or any number of cabinets.

It’s easy to keep useless things when you can toss them in a forgotten corner, but in a tiny home none of the corners are forgotten.

Living small reduces the amount of stuff you keep around, which means less time spent cleaning – and less worrying about clutter.

One with nature

Using less energy – and fewer resources in general – is already helping the environment out immensely.

Everything you don’t use is something that didn’t have to have energy put into its production.

With a tiny home, though, you can take it many steps further.

You can live closer to your favourite scenic vistas, as long as there’s space for you.

And you can even live off the grid, gettingcloser to nature than you could ever get in a regular home.
One with nature
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/benchun/3625699371

Anything you can do…

You might still be concerned about the things you won’t be able to do with a tiny home.

Often, though, that’s simply not the case. It’s possible to do much of what you’d do with a normal home, just in a different way.

Maybe you learn how to wash your clothes without a machine to save space and your wallet.

Maybe you can’t really entertain indoors anymore – but a tiny home is a great place for an outdoor gathering.

And if you aren’t planning on moving around constantly, you can still grow a garden – even if it’s small, too.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with the tiny home movement picking up steam, there are more reasons every day to compact – and better – your life.

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