Privacy In Style: X Fencing Styles For Inspiration

Your home is a private place where you welcome the people who are closest to you. The fencing style you use in this space can leave an impression on those who visit you. Besides offering privacy and serving as a protective structure, a fence doubles up as an exterior decoration and adds aesthetic value to your home. As such, you need to style it in a way that inspires you and your visitors.

While fence construction may not necessarily be technical, it is important to get expert help on choosing the right fence and gather ideas on how to make it stylish. Usually, fences installed for privacy extend to the full height and tend to be stronger and solid compared to other types of fencing. As such, reaching out to fencing experts like can help you get the right materials and ensure your fencing is done professionally.

If you are looking to fence your home, there are different fence types to choose from that offer both style and privacy. Several fencing styles will be explored below to give you and your visitors the inspiration that you need:

The Wooden Showbox Fence


Constructed using tall wooden pickets, this fence is designed to offer homeowners privacy. It resembles the standard dog-ear or picket fence in appearance. However, instead of attaching the pickets on a single side of the rail, the showbox fence is constructed by alternating the boards such that the pickets are fixed two or three inches apart.

This way, the fence is constructed with spaces that allow light to pass through from the sides. The main advantage of a showbox fence is that it keeps people from being able to view your private space, and also protects your children and pets.

While showbox fences are stylish and make your home aesthetically pleasing, the wood is easily affected by weather elements like sunlight and rain. If it is not maintained properly, it can start to rot. This means the fence has to be maintained regularly which makes it costly.

The Metal Privacy Fence


Metal fences mimic European estates. In recent years, they have gained popularity among homeowners who want to ensure privacy in a stylish way. Metal fences can serve as a private barrier in your home while giving it a stylish, unique look. In most cases, these basic yet attractive fences feature narrow posts complete with decorative finishings that give them a contemporary look.

The metal bars used to make privacy metal fences are placed quite high and close to one another. The beauty of these fences is that they require low maintenance. The only thing homeowners need to do during installation is decide on the paint and the decoration they want to see. Compared to wooden fences, metal fences are more secure and last longer.

Metal fences are mostly made from steel, aluminum or a mix of metals. These fences tend to be black in color but homeowners are free to choose any other color that complements the exterior of their homes. To make the fence more stylish and make a solid statement with the look of your entrance, combine your metal rails and slats with stone pillars.

The Vinyl Privacy Fence


The popularity of vinyl fences has grown as more people shift away from wooden fences due to their low durability and high maintenance costs. Vinyl fences are not affected by weather elements like sun and water in the way that wooden fences are.

Vinyl fences are also beautiful and stylish, and provide a perfect background for garden plants in the back or front yards. They are also resistant to impact and have the ability to flex and regain their shape after impact. When raised high enough, these fences offer homeowners the sophistication and privacy that they need.

There is a wide range of designs to pick from, and you can find the style that suits your taste and complements the architectural design of your home. Vinyl fences are quite strong and most of them are capable of withstanding strong winds. They come in different shades but white is the most common color.

Bottom Line

Most people consider their outdoor space a private area just like their indoor space. As such, they decide to put up a fence for the sake of privacy that enables them to enjoy themselves in a relaxed environment without being seen by outsiders. However, such a fence serves a greater purpose than just offering security. If done in a stylish manner, this fence can add aesthetic appeal to the property – making it attractive to both visitors and those who live in it.

As discussed above, fences installed for privacy differ based on their material. However, the cost of setting up and maintaining the fences varies. Pay attention to these aspects and pick the privacy fence that best suits your needs and fits your budget.

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