Is It a Good Idea to Predict House Value on Your Own?

So, you want to predict the value of a house on your own? Although this is possible, you have to be keen on the methods you use. Here, we are going to discuss how you can self-evaluate your home’s value, its advantages, and disadvantages as well.

Therefore, by the end of this article, you’ll have known if it’s indeed a good idea to predict house value on your own.

Read on to find out more.

How to Determine a Home’s Value on Your Own

1. Online Valuation Platforms

Automated Valuation Model, otherwise known as AVM, are the technical tools offered online by lenders or real estate sites. They help you do your home’s value based on list prices and recent sales in your surroundings.


2. Compare Market Analysis

Getting a comparison on the market analysis helps you understand how you can determine your home’s value. It uses agents’ evaluation to give you an estimation of what your home might be worth.

3. Use Your Location

Not all neighborhoods are equal. Some areas are rich with businesses, while others offer serene living. Similarly, the level of infrastructure and any future developments affects demand, which you can use to determine your home’s value.


4. Compare Your House with Similar Properties

Like any other agent, AVMs also rely on the current sales values for comparable properties within a particular area. Using this method to determine your home’s worth might seem easy, but you have to use good judgment.

Pros of Self-Predicting Your House Value

  1. Saves You Money – Predicting your home’s value on your own enables you to save the money you would otherwise use to hire an agent.
  2. Helps You Understand the Market – Determining your home’s value requires you to gather a lot of information to come up with the best estimation. With so doing, you have ended up learning about the ins and outs of this venture.
  3. You Determine Your Property’s Destiny – Once you estimate your home’s value on your own, you can decide its destiny. This helps you make the best decision on your property’s future.


Cons of Self-Predicting Your House Value

  1. Can be Misleading – Most of the tools used to self-determine your home’s value rely on estimates. This means that you don’t get the actual cost of your house, but estimate depending on certain trends.
    Therefore, you might end up over or undervaluing your house from the inaccurate estimations.
  2. Takes Time – Since you aren’t a professional agent, you’ll need to value your house using multiple methods. Therefore, you end up using up too much time before finding the process to suit your desires.
  3. Outdated Data – Most of the time, homeowners’ data to value their properties comes from historical sale information. This means that you might disregard the recent work you’ve put into your home, which can lead to under-valuing it.

Final Thoughts

Although predicting your house value is possible, it isn’t the best idea to have. Sure, you can save money, understand the market, among other factors.

However, you can lose a lot by trying the shortcut to valuing your property’s worth. It is, therefore, very reasonable and beneficial to hire a professional company like for valuing your property.

You’ll save a lot of time and get professional assistance and a good return on your investment.

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