Add a Touch of Home Wall Art This Year

Human beings have been putting art on the walls of homes for more than 10,000 years. That’s a long time for a trend to stay in vogue, and it probably means there’s some deep psychological reason we like to decorate our interior spaces. Tastes have changed a bit in the past hundred centuries, which means homeowners in 2020 are looking for something other than chalk drawings of buffaloes and stick-figure hunters. Nowadays, we adorn our cave walls with lines, figures, portraits, abstracts, collages, and more. And don’t be surprised if you run into the occasional buffalo or stick man because some fads never die.

You can learn more about top trends in interior design, custom home building, and residential architecture, and for 2020 and beyond, here are some of the hottest trends in residential wall décor.

Abstract Figures


Popular among young couples and singles alike, combines two favorites from years past, abstract artworks and paintings of human figures, particularly faces. These colorful, often identifiable renderings of celebrities, historic personages, and fictional characters are hung with pride in living rooms, dining areas, and entryways. Bold colors and random geometric shapes that form an obvious face of Churchill, Gandhi, Caesar, or the Buddha are just a few examples of the way artists use the new mode to create unique, clever works.

Retro Line Drawings

Here’s a 1950’s fad that’s really making a splash in private living spaces all over the world. Plenty of these modern-day masterpieces resemble famous Picasso pieces but with thicker lines, added bursts of color in strategic places just for effect, and the occasional written word. When done on old-school canvas in thick acrylic paints, the overall result can be a quite stunning piece of interior decor that brightens up any room.



Rugs as hanging residential decorations is not entirely a new idea for the 2020’s because it’s been popular since the Middle Ages, particularly in early 1900’s Russia. But the new twist is to use exceptionally lightweight carpets that are not only hand woven but individually painted as well. Most of the designs are reminiscent of traditional Oriental rugs that have been a staple of the upscale interior decorating scene for at least a century.


If you thought modern culture had milked the 1960’s for all it was worth, you forgot one thing: collages. The ever-present, and often abstract, collage adorned more college dorms and commune shared spaces than Peter Max paintings and Beatles posters combined. It’s a
Sixties theme, but now includes more thematic collages that are created with eye pleasing color schemes. Once popular in office spaces and corporate skyscraper lobbies, the home-based pieces are both smaller and more interesting.

Acrylic Portraits


There’s a whole new industry of acrylic portraiture, and it’s bringing some of the most fresh, colorful, intriguing artwork to upscale and average priced residential spaces. With brighter, wilder colors than their oil counterparts, acrylic paintings are slick looking, tone setting, atmosphere enhancing beauties. Many are snapping these things up at boutiques, auctions, and specialty studios and adding them to home offices, nooks, and hallways.

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