Is Drinking Carbonated Water Really Bad for You?

If you’re cutting out soft drinks, but just love the fizz, you might be drinking more sparkling water to get your fix. However, there has been some chatter over the last few years as to whether or not sparkling water itself is ‘bad’ for you…but is it?

Let’s examine the evidence. If you’re not a sparkling water fan, you can improve the quality of your tap water with a filter – try

It’s acidic.

Carbonic acid is produced when carbon dioxide reacts with water, and stimulates the same nerves in your mouth as mustard. Yep, mustard. The resulting burning sensation can be both awful and enjoyable, but most importantly, drinking carbonated water, which is only mildly acidic, doesn’t increase the acid levels in your body generally. Excess carbon dioxide is removed from the body by the kidneys and lungs. No matter what you eat, your body will regulate its pH levels just fine.

Is it bad for your teeth?

One of the most common concerns about drinking sparkling water is that its acid content is bad for tooth enamel. There haven’t been many scientific studies on this yet, but what’s out there states that sparkling water has only a minimal impact on tooth enamel, especially when compared to sugary soft drinks, which do destroy teeth. If you’re still not convinced, be sure to consult a reliable Dental care Team on what to eat and drink to achieve the best oral health.

Is it bad for digestion?

Is it bad for digestion

The opposite, actually! Sparkling water can improve your ability to swallow, and reduce the need to clear your throat. It can also increase feelings of fullness, reduce stomach pain, and improve symptoms of constipation.

Is it bad for your bones?

Some people worry that carbonated water is bad for bones – again, because of its acid content. However, studies suggest that carbonation has no impact. Again, it’s the other substances found in carbonated drinks that are the problem. In fact, cola is the only drink associated with lower bone density. This is possibly because cola, unlike carbonated water and other sodas, contains large quantities of phosphorus, and because people drinking it in large quantities potentially also drink less calcium. By contrast, research in hens showed that sparkling water actually increased the density of their leg bones.

Is it bad for your heart?

There’s actually limited evidence that sparkling water is good for heart health, and can decrease ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and blood sugar. Currently, there has only been one study about the effect of carbonated water on heart health, but the signs are positive.

Is it bad for you?

Is it bad for you
Currently, there’s basically no evidence that drinking carbonated water is bad for your health in any way. The impact on teeth is minimal, and carbonation doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect on the bones. It can improve your digestion and swallowing, and reduce symptoms of constipation. Pending further study suggests that it can reduce bad LDL cholesterol.

If you still prefer fizzy water, and many people do, stick with it. It’s delicious, calorie-free, and doesn’t have any negative impact on your health. Hurrah!

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