5 Tips to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs Successfully

Let’s turn the tradition on its head! Wait, what tradition?

The tradition of furnishing matching table and chairs in the dining room!

Dining room furniture that comes in a set does look highly coordinated, but it can sometimes feel stuffy and overly formal, draining the personality and life out of a space that’s meant for entertainment and fun.

On the other hand, mixing and matching dining room table and chairs can energise, invigorate the room, making it feel highly eclectic and lived-in.

But how to pull it off successfully and strike the right balance?

The key to successful mix and match is to create a space that’s more stylish, modern, playful and yet comfortable, inviting and interest-evoking.

Stick to One Shape, Vary Colours

Stick to the same shape and let your imagination fly. Mixing and matching has to be done with intention, and a quick way to infuse a casual vibe while also maintaining the style, consistency with materials, is to use the same shape but in different, complementary colours.

Experimenting with the colour palette is probably the easiest way to maintain a balance in uniqueness. You can purchase dining furniture in Adelaide, particularly a new set of chairs in contemporary style, or fabric seating to pull off this look.

Stick to One Shape, Vary Colours

Keep colour consistent and go bold with shapes

Add a pop of interest by using different style-chairs in your dining room and make it a happening place for friends and family to chill. Using different chairs all in the same colour is another option that creates the same relaxed-but-curated vibe.

This can even be an easy, fun DIY project, as you can purchase wooden chairs from a furniture store and then paint them all in a single bright colour to curate a set of chairs corresponding colour, despite different designs, materials and origins.

Keep colour consistent and go bold with shapes

Add in a Bench

The best way to add variation is to lose the chairs and use a bench instead. Whether banquette-style, built into the corner, or free-floating along one side of the table, replacing chairs with a bench will not only offer a stylish, modern feel but will also provide flexibility with limited space.

If you want to accommodate more people, you can consider adding chairs at the shorter ends of the table. You can also add a throw blanket or some cushions to unite the bench and chairs and make them a bit more comfortable.

Add in a Bench

Mix Retro and Contemporary

Layering chairs from different eras creates a sense of timelessness and adds personality to your dining area. So, do not limit yourself to a general age range or geography of antique chairs, and infuse curiosity and create a dramatic sense of visual interest by mixing retro and contemporary chairs.

For instance, pair a traditional spindle-back wooden chair that has straight lines with a bit more curvy mid-century, modern chairs.

Mix Retro and Contemporary

Highlight the Host

If you are in doubt about having each piece in a different colour or shape, another way to integrate mix and match chairs is to place emphasis on the seats where the hosts usually sit – i.e. opposite ends of the table – by making them different from others.

This is an easy way to host a party with a larger audience when the dining chairs set doesn’t have enough space. Thus, using two types of chairs gives enough space and variation to keep a cohesive feel at the table while increasing visual appeal through a contrast of colour, texture, size or shape.

Highlight the Host

Give your dining tables in Adelaide a more youthful, charming vibe with these tips.

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