How to Remove Flow Restrictor From Moen Handheld Showerhead?

Are you getting less water from your shower head? Have you experienced that you are having less water from your shower?

If you found this type of trouble in your shower, you are in the right place to seek the answer. The clogged flow restrictor can cause this type of problem. Try to remember how long ago you have fixed the shower. It may get clog due to long-time uses.

Now you have to remove the flow restrictor from the Moen. You have to remember during removing the handheld showerhead that it has threads. If you damage the threads accidentally, you cannot adjust the head anymore. Be careful when you are using a wrench. You can use a soft cloth to fit the wrench with the showerhead.

Careful: Pay attention as much possible holding the pip fixed with the wall. When you are using the wrench to remove the head, try to hold the pip hardly so that it cannot move or break.

What do you need to remove the flow restrictor from Moen Handheld showerhead?

What do you need to remove the flow restrictor from Moen Handheld showerhead

  • You need soft pieces of cloth to hold the showerhead.
  • To hold the showerhead tightly, get an adjustable wrench.
  • To fix the flathead, arrange a screwdriver.
  • Get some plumber tape to wrap the threads so that it cannot collapse automatically on your head.

What to remember before removing the flow restrictor from Moen Handheld showerhead?

  • Try to use a lightweight wrench to hold the connector pipe and the showerhead. A wrench with lightweight helps you to hold perfectly.
  • You are using a screwdriver. Look at the top of the screwdriver and measure the top whether it is adjustable or not.
  • Check the shower tap that it is stopped. You must stop the shower before casting off its parts.
  • Try to get a partner when you are operating the showerhead. If you can call for an expert, it will be better. The showerhead is so sensible you may damage it whimsically.
  • Do not rush to finish the work within a few minutes. It takes time. Be patient to do the job perfectly.

Read the instructions below eventually:

Read the instructions below eventually
Step 1: Get the soft cloth. Try to get some fresh cloth. Now put the cloth to the showerhead and hold it. You have the wrench on your hand right? Now hold the showerhead over the cloth and fix the jaws of the wrench hardly. Then, hold the pipe near the shower wall with one hand and the wrench with another hand. Now turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove the head. Be careful when you are turning the threads of the head. Remove the showerhead completely.

Step 2: Now you can see the rubber O-ring gasket on the neck of the head. You have to remove it using your finger. You can use a screwdriver to remove the gasket but it may cause major damage to the gasket. Use your hands and finger to remove the rubber O-ring gasket. Get the screen of the gasket on your hand and shake it to make fresh. Then, adjust the screen with the rubber O-ring gasket on your hand.

Step 3: You can see a flat head screwdriver on the restrictor head. Now use your screwdriver to remove it. It is a flat plastic piece with different perforations.

Step 4: Now separate the flow restrictor from the showerhead using your screwdriver. You have to pay much attention when you are removing the flow restrictor. It has threads in the inner portion. If you turn the screwdriver so fast, it may cause damage. When it is done, you so near to fix it.

Step 5: I think you have cleaned the screen already. If it is not clear yet, clean it now. Then you have to insert the screen back to the showerhead again. You have to insert the screen just as if it was before. Any kind of disorder in this regard may cause less water flow issues. Now insert the O-ring into screen perfectly. Make sure that these two staff is situated against each other. Next, wrap the plumber tap into shower arm thread. Make sure that you have covered the full thread area. Then, thread the Moen shower onto the showerhead just as before it was. Thread the Moen as much as possible as you can move by your hand. Do thread the pipe so hard.

Step 6: Now use the cloth to hold the connection tightly and hold the shower pipe by another hand. You have to thread the pipe with the connection 3 quarters. Do not thread more than 3 quarters. Make sure that you are not holding the wrench so tight. If you hold the pipe so tight, it may break your connector and the shower had.

Bottom line: You have the full instruction on how to remove flow restrictor from Moen Handheld showerhead. To be sure, read the article again. If you think, the article is effective, share with your dear and near one.

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