How to Pick The Right Landscapers for Your Property

As a proud owner of a beautiful home, it is only right that your property is designed and manicured to complement it. Of course, it may not be the next Garden of Versailles, but it shouldn’t be the next Amazon forest either.

But it is not just possible to achieve this landscaping perfection on our own. The reasons can vary from not having the right skills to not having the time to work on the project.

This is where the services of landscapers London can be extremely helpful. They have the right knowledge, the experience as well as the right tools to translate your dream garden and the entire landscape around your property into reality.

But finding the right landscaper that understands your dreams and aesthetics can be a challenge. While there are a lot of landscaping companies, this makes it confusing for the clients to settle on the right one.

Today, we discuss how to find the right landscapers for your property in this post.

1. Do some research

The first step in finding the right landscaper is to do some research. This will typically include making comparisons between different contractors, years of experience, reading reviews from previous clients as well as asking for references.

The company’s website, as well as their social media accounts, are where you will find the best information. Consider looking at their earlier works as well. This will allow you to narrow down on a couple of companies before you make your decision.

2. Understand what you want in your landscape

You will be exposed to a lot of designs and aesthetics when you sit down for a consultation with a landscaper. It is important to know what you want in the design, the layout, as well as the final outcome.

It is the landscaper’s job to show you different designs, but you are the one who will be living in the property. You want the outside of your property to reflect your aesthetics and your lifestyle.

Collect pictures and inspirations or draw a rough sketch of what you have in mind. This will make it easier for the contractor to understand your vision better.
Decide on a budget

3. Decide on a budget

Deciding on a budget for any project is paramount. When you have a specific figure in mind, the landscaper can easily decide what best suits your requirements.

However, it is good to keep an open mind as you don’t want the tight budget to hamper you from having your ideal garden or a backyard.

4. Questions to ask the landscaper

After you have shortlisted a couple of contractors, it time to bring out the questions. Remember, it is not considered rude to ask questions, especially if you have doubts. Important questions you need to ask the landscaping contractor include:

  • Who are the team members?

A credible landscaping contractor will work with a team of specialists, including a designer, arborists, and horticulturist.

  • What is the level of experience?

Their level of experience and expertise will have a reflection on the final result. If you forget to ask everything else, do not forget to ask about their experience.

  • Can you draw up a plan?

A contractor/designer that cannot provide you with a plan is not worth your time or money.

  • Do you have a proper license?

Established Landscaper Company will have a proper license for operation.

  • Do you provide a guarantee for your work?

Most reputed companies typically provide up to five years of guarantee for their work. The minimum duration is two years; anything less should be a red flag. Separate warranties are typically provided for plants.

  • Do you have insurance?

Landscaping involves a lot of digging. Instances of a tree falling on a home and causing damage or cutting gas and water lines are not uncommon. A landscaping company that does not have liability insurance can be a pricey risk.

5. Making the final decision

During your consultations with the landscape contractor and/or designer, you can easily gauge their personality traits. Good communication is essential, but so is his or her ability to translate your theoretical ideas into tangible results. Creativity and establishing a good rapport with a client is not something that can be taught at universities.

If you feel and believe that you can trust a landscaper to bring your ideas to life and that he or she understands your aesthetics, it time to sign the contract.


Finding the right landscaper can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, you don’t have to despair anymore. The most important step is to find an experienced landscaper and stick to your budget.

Use the above tips in your crusade to pick the one that best fits your requirements of budget, design, and aesthetics. Feel free to use your own ideas and instincts while making the final decision.

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