8 Tips on How to Maintain Your Generator

A generator is a very useful product that is required in every complex, store and every household. You may not understand its importance during the regular days, but at the time when the power is cut off, the absence of a generator if felt then. A generator, at times of need, helps to keep your house or workplace intact and makes sure that all your normal routine work is carried on without any interruptions. A generator comes specifically handy at the time of natural calamities like thunderstorms or hurricanes where the power is bound to cut off, maybe even for long hours and days.

The importance of generators is more felt when it comes to one’s business. You cannot compromise to have a power supply backup at your workplace as even a minute of power cut can cause many problems. It is Important to install a generator at any business station to avoid any interruptions in the security cameras, computer data-to prevent any stored information, and to prevent loss of time. Industries require the generators but having a generator is more likely their necessity than a requirement. They need the generators to run their machines; their whole work can come to a halt in case there is no power supply and can cost them time and money.

Generators are more than one type. Their varieties range from a basic model to an upgraded higher version. While some are stationary or support a limited power supply, others can be portable and able to withstand a huge wattage. Before we come to discuss how to keep these generators working for a long time, you need to know that choosing a generator according to your needs is very important. If you’re looking for a quiet generator for your camping trip, Brett Patterson from AbleSales.com.au recommends choosing one with a decibel rate no higher than 60. While a three-phase generator works well for the industries, a stationary generator is much more convenient for the office use.

Choosing a generator that matches your requirement is an important decision; maintaining the generator is an even more important thing to focus upon. We throw our generators in the basement or garage and do not even touch them until they are needed and we expect them to stay in a perfectly good form when we need them. Apart from getting the service, you also need to know some safety tips and maintenance tips that are required from your end to keep your generator in good shape. Follow the below tips to know more about the maintenance of the generators:

1. Make sure your Generator Comes with a Warranty:


While purchasing a generator, it is very important to check the kind of warranty or service that the brand provides. You may not take it seriously but at the time when your generator does not work and you have to spend more money on its repair, that is when you regret the decision. So it is important to know what service they provide, what cost do they cover and for how much time. You should also keep renewing your warranty to avoid future problems.

2. Keep it Clean:

Keeping your engine clean is very important; first, removal of excess dirt and oil helps in the visual inspection. You might be able to spot any damage, leakage, or other problems if the engine is clean. Secondly, excess dirt can attract wasps or other bugs to nest in your engine that increases the chances of faults in your machine. It is better to clean the dirt with the air gun instead of a washer which can create more problems and spoil your engine.

3. Keep a Check on Fuel:

Keeping a check on the thing which runs your generator is very important to make sure your generator works well and lasts for a long time. Make sure you know how to use a generator and are familiar with its fuel usage. Always check the fuel that is left in your engine. It is important to keep your engines filled with a certain amount of fuel. If the fuel gets finished while the engine is on, it can damage your generator which will not be able to provide power supply the next time. Replacing the old fuel with the fresh one is also very important to keep your engines running.

4. Keep it under Covers:

Protecting your generator from the rain and thunder, or water, in general, is very important to keep your engines intact and free from damage. The best way to protect your generator is to invest in a generator cover or enclosure. The cover will protect your generator not only from water but also from dust and bugs.

5. Do not Ignore the Leaks:

Do not Ignore the Leaks
Leakage is the sign that the parts of your engine might be loose or damaged. So if you spot any oil droplets or any kind of leakage, you should inform the company and call someone for the repair before the damage gets worse.

6. Get an Annual Check-Up:

Merely knowing about the service and maintenance that your generator’s brand provides is not sufficient; following those services and using them shows how well you maintain your generator. It is very important to get an annual check-up on your generators; the service guy will come and inspect the whole machine and repair and charge all that is required.

7. A Check on Batteries:

Old and undercharged batteries are also a big concern as they can cause power failure and harm your engine. Keeping your batteries charged at all times is very important if you want your generator to last for a long time. Keeping your batteries charged and clean is an important part of the generator maintenance.

8. Run it Occasionally:

Keeping your generator enclosed in its cover and not using it for a long time can damage the engine. So you should run the engine once in a while, 3 months is an appropriate time, to make sure it is working properly and does not erode. This is a part of the inspection as well as maintenance process which helps to prevent any damage to your machine and save your time and money.

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