10 Awesome House Remodeling Ideas That May Require A Carpenter

Remodeling your house can be a lot of fun. It’s like the television shows coming to life in your own home. When you start a remodel it’s a good idea to find local carpentry contractors to assist you with your project since they’ll be aware of any challenges you may face and bring their experience to the table.

If you like the idea of remodeling but you aren’t quite sure where to start, here is a list of 10 ideas that can inspire you to tackle a project of your own and make your house look awesome. You may even choose a couple things and completely revamp your home!

1. A New Deck

It’s perfectly okay to think outside the house and build yourself a new deck. Whether you opt for a deck out of composite or traditional wood a new deck is a fantastic way to add some style to your home’s exterior. Not only will a deck give you the chance to oversee your yard but it will offer you entertainment space in a natural environment.

Decks can add value to your home as well as add outdoor living space. Don’t settle for a basic boring deck when you can build one with interesting features like built-in benches or storage for your outdoor cushions and rugs. Another benefit of adding a deck is that it doesn’t disrupt your life during construction but it will benefit you for a long time.

2. A New Closet

When you’re ready to go beyond the basic wooden rod for your clothes there is no better remodeling project than a closet. Hiring a carpenter is a great way to make sure you are maximizing your space to its fullest potential and give you the storage system you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are hoping for your closet to showcase your wardrobe with awesome recessed lighting, or a rotating shoe rack so you can see all of your options, remodeling a closet with your needs in mind is a surefire way to get the closet of your dreams. There’s no guarantee that your closet will stay organized when it’s done, but giving everything a new space certainly can’t hurt.

3. Kitchen

The big kahuna of all the remodels and the one area most homeowners would like to accomplish. Not only will you want to hire someone to help you but you want to make certain that you are getting the cabinets that you want. Whether you go with a prefab set or completely custom, the cabinetry is an excellent way to reflect the style of your kitchen.

You might have big ideas for your kitchen but listen to the experts. If they know how to give you the best balance with your work triangle, listen to them! You want your kitchen to be gorgeous certainly but don’t risk losing function over the perfect style. From new colors to a new floorplan, remodeling your kitchen can really change your home for the better.

4. Home Office

With working from home being the new normal, feel free to take that extra space you aren’t using well and create an office space that will help you be productive. No one wants their office to feel cluttered and a simple way to avoid clutter is to add built-in storage. (Plus you can avoid those unsightly filing cabinets.)

To keep your office looking professional consider clean lines and calm tones, but if there’s a look that is going to help inspire you while you work you should absolutely include it in your remodeled office. Consider whether you need extra outlets in your office for the excess equipment you will need to have plugged in.

5. Bathroom


From a new shower or soaking tub to heated floors or towel racks there are a million decisions to make when remodeling your bathroom. The always popular bathroom remodel can certainly improve the quality of your life, imagine no longer sharing a sink?

When you take the time to upgrade your bathroom you can actually make it more energy-efficient, saving you money and protecting the earth’s precious resources. Plus it will look beautiful. When you start looking at just replacing the vanity, it can easily turn into a full remodel, so getting an expert’s opinion and help is always a good choice.

6. Library

If your collection of books is starting to overtake your living room it is time to consider converting some space into a library. A relaxing oasis to both read and store your books, a library can be a real show stopper in a home, especially if you opt for custom built-in shelves.

From a cozy window seat to gorgeous lighting, your new library will be the envy of fellow bibliophiles while inspiring you to read more. Having a professional maximize your shelf space is a good idea because you’ll almost certainly be adding new volumes to your library and will want there to be plenty of room to grow without it looking empty in the first place.

7. New Front Door

One of the smaller projects that can make a big impact on how your home looks is to change up your front door. A new front door can completely alter the way your house looks and feels, it’s also possible to get one that makes your house more energy-efficient.

Whether you pick a door with a window to let in more natural light or you want something sturdier than what you currently have, a new door can help insulate your home from the weather as well as outside noise. If you really want something amazing, you can even get a custom door built for your home to be uniquely yours.

8. New Roof

While it would be fantastic if roofs would last forever, there comes a time when it will need to be replaced due to time or more immediate damage caused by severe weather. Getting a new roof can be a big project but it is definitely not one you want to ignore. Putting off getting a new roof can lead to water damage in your home so don’t delay if you see signs it’s time to replace.

If you live in a cooler climate, you will want to check that your roof is properly insulated as ice dams can become a real problem and cause a lot of damage to your home. Your roof is the protection from the elements so it’s not an area you want to skimp on.

9. Finish Your Basement

Haven’t you always wanted to have a man cave? Are you sick of your children’s toys spreading out around the house? Why not give yourself the gift of more useable space and finish off your basement. Take the bare bones of your basement and add some decent flooring and drywall so that your basement will look great for years to come.

How you use this extra square-footage once it’s completed is up to you but working with a contractor to finish it perfectly will not be a project you regret undertaking. You may even be able to add an additional bedroom with the correct egress window in place, and that will certainly make your home feel more complete. Go ahead and use that bonus space!

10. Home Addition

Saving the biggest project for last, if you’ve just outgrown your home consider whether it’s time to add on and give yourself more space. Whether you want a simple bump-out, or adding just a little space to an existing room, or you want to completely add a new room to your house, an addition may seem like a big undertaking but can really be quite simple with the right help.

Not only will the additional square footage increase your home’s value but they can add luxury and space to your home while negating the need to move. Why look for a new home if your current one is practically perfect with only a small addition?


Consulting a carpentry expert to help you create the home of your dreams will make your project more efficient and controlled. Professionals bring their experience to your home and treat it like their own so you know you will be happy with the results.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with a remodel, take every day one step at a time and ask questions of your contractor if you need to. They’re there to help you get the home of your dreams so don’t let the remodeling process resemble a nightmare!

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