How to Radically Boost the Space in Your Home

There are plenty of occasions in life where we feel like our current household is a bit of a squeeze. The most obvious is when your family increases and there’s the pitter-patter of tiny feet as you and your partner have children. But a home can also begin to feel increasingly cluttered and small over time, leading you to hold ambitions of upgrading your floor space somehow. This article looks at the best ways that you can radically increase the size of your home, investing in more room and space for your family, for the future.

Attic Conversion

Any home that has a sloped roof will have a section of space the is rarely utilized that may be viable for a conversion. Beneath your sloped roof, your attic is where you store all those bits and bobs that don’t fit in your home such as old furniture, family heirlooms, and Christmas decorations. But by moving all of these items into your garage, and making this space habitable with insulation and a permanent stairwell, you’ll be able to use a whole extra floor in your home – perfect for children.

Garage Space

Garage Space

As mentioned above, the garage is the only other area of your home in which you store a large amount of your belongings; from old sports equipment, to the spares and repairs materials that you now and again use to make your home look and feel like new. But, the garage can also serve as an extra room in your home, perfect for entertaining casual guests while kids sleep in the main house. Converting a garage can be difficult, but you can find a wonderful array of steel garages online in order to find a structure that’ll accommodate your grand plans.

Basement Building

This is one of the more controversial extension methods, but also the most glamorous in terms of the space you’ll gain, and the price increase you’ll furnish your home with. It’s a grand project, involving you digging into the foundations of your home in order to build a new floor underneath your current ground floor – but it’s well worth it once the lengthy extension process is out of the way. Look into companies that may be able to provide this amazing service, and make sure that you, and your family, are prepared for the 6-month disruption that this kind of extension is likely to entail.

Conservatory Addition

Conservatory Addition
The final, and perhaps most-common, way to radically increase the square meters that constitute your home is to simply add a conservatory onto the edge of our home. These glass-and-frame structures are wonderful for letting light into your home and, though they can be expensive to install, they generally don’t take a terrific amount of time to add to erect. This is a great option for those rushing to build a new living area in time for the warm and delightful summer months.

These four tips should help you find ways to build a larger home that’s both worth more money, and about to provide you and your family with more space in which to learn, grow and play.

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