How to Get Rid of Vaping Smell at Your House

Let us have some statistics for a start:

  1. vaping is three times less potent if compared to smoking when we talk about lingering odors;
  2. an expert can detect the fact of smoking a cigarette within three hours after it;
  3. fresh or dry herbs are easier to remove by ventilation than their liquid forms.

What is the problem and how does it appear?

Vaping is highly popular nowadays. People vape everywhere, they do it at home, in the streets, at the office, next to the schools, universities, shopping centers. People are obsessed with vaping, and that is true. We cannot reject how popular the hobby is. The fact that many people fall for it is quite evident for anyone who gets out of their house or sees the ad on the Internet.

The problems appear when people suffer from some inconveniences connected to their hobby. This might be anything. Taking about vaping – that is the smell for sure. When people vape at home – the place they are at for a long time – they start feeling that shades of smell that differ from other sites. This is because vaping liquids are flavored and might contain nicotine.
What is the problem and how does it appear

Nicotine, consumed in any form, gives us some unpleasant smell and makes the surrounding yellowish. That is the fact we cannot reject it. That is one of the reasons for people not to usually use it while being at home, at the office, or in other public places. The same nicotine property is a reason for creating special smoking spaces or booths in public places all over the world.

Talking about vaping and distinctive flavors, people do not care about the smell even when they are aware of such a risk, because they believe that there is nothing bad if you love the scent. They believe that that owns the best vaporizer (, and it would not cause any harm.

At the same time, the range of flavors is vast. Salty caramel. Strawberry. Peppermint. Cocoa. Popcorn. Tangerine. Coffee. Cotton candy. Lemonade. Kiwi. Cinnamon. Menthol.

Cookie. Apple. Marijuana. We might continue the list for ages. However, the important thing is that all of these flavors equal the bunch of chemicals and special supplements that dive the liquid into its properties.

All the components of a liquid make your closes and room, if they are exposed to the vapor, smell stale and seem not to be fresh. The lingering odor of vapor might be more or less intensive, depending on the substance that a person smokes. Whether it is an e-liquid, the smell would not be this harsh. Although when it is even the best dry herb vaporizer that you use, be ready to face a distinct scent of toasted pine nuts and popcorn all around your flat.

How to solve the problem?

For sure, the first and the best option is to give up vaping at the house. However, this is not so easy, especially in wintertime, when you do not want to get out of the bed to have a glass of water, not to tell about going outside to vape. That is why here you can find some tips on how to fight the smell.

Tip 1. An investment in the future

All of us know that it is better to spend a bit more money one day than to spend smaller sums of money every couple of days. That is why people prefer high-quality goods for a higher price to a lemon that does not cost an arm and a leg. A high-quality air purifier that is designed as an anti-smoking one could help with vape odor as well. The device helps to neutralize the scent in one of the possible ways. For instance, filters can strain some little micron-sized particulates out of the atmosphere, which clings to the particles of vapor that you release. Do check out the best Air Purifiers in 2019 it will surely benefits you.

Tip 2. Absorb the moisture

These devices are primarily designed to absorb extra wet from your room and prevent appearance mildew. People mostly keep them in bathrooms. However, when you put it in the room where you smoke, the device helps to absorb the microelements that bear the vaping smell. When the particles are attracted to the crystals, they get into the container, and the crystals convert them back into the water (liquid). Therefore, you can pour it out.

Tip 3. Aromatherapy not only for relaxation

After a vaping session, lit the candle, put it into the essential oil burner, and fill it with your favorite fragrance. While evaporating, the oil will fill the room and decrease the effect of the vapor’s smell. Usually, it takes about ten minutes before the odor starts transferring.

Tip 4. Less food is always the best

Special fluids contained in the liquids with a fruity scent are more ‘aggressive’ in comparison to others. Either propylene glycol or a vegetable glycerine – the constituent of any flavored vapor that equals about 90% of the e-liquid – cover the surfaces such as walls, ceiling, floor, tables, wardrobes, and so on after you vape. Try to switch from, for example, apple flavor to the neutral or mint one.

Tip 5. Emit air fresher to perfume the room

To eliminate the smell, you might also use some air fresher. If they are of good or high quality, they are able to remove some of the stale odors, not to let them linger into the carpet, sofa, clothes, and so on. The point to keep in mind is that you should not spray it while vaping. It is better to do it just after. Because if you do it simultaneously, be ready to vape Bora Bora Waters Scent.

Cases when you cannot omit vaping in the house: reasons & solutions

Cases when you cannot omit vaping in the house reasons & solutions
If you are under conditions that you have to take medical marijuana and you cannot avoid vaping at home because of the same health conditions, better to try to implement at least one of the pieces of advice above. Do not forget that the most ‘aggressive’ scent is that from dry herb vaporizer. Be sure that even the best vaporizer for dry herb cannot be scentless. This means that you would have to cope with the possible outcomes of such a treatment, so try to choose the most remote and isolated room for dry herb vaporizer use.

If you are not the one who vapes, sometimes, when you rent a room or live in a dorm, you might be not able to influence the behavior of other people. Problems are caused because, firstly, you become a second-hand smoker, and, secondly, there is nothing you can do with the smell. In such a case, you need to let some air into a room while a person is vaping and doing at least one of our tips as well.

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