7 Amazing Ideas to Modernize Your Living Room This Winter

Winter can seem long and wearying, especially when you have to stare at stark walls each day. Therefore, transforming the look of your living room is an excellent idea and can produce both immediate and lasting effects. Besides, a contemporary living room can spur gatherings for long chats or over a cup of tea.

Check out some unique ideas to refurbish your living space this winter:

1. Add extra windows

Most modern homes have various windows in the living area, and this plays a crucial role in allowing natural light into you’re room. As such, fix more windows in your living area to add more life to your space. This way, your living room will less likely feel stuffy or look old.
Add extra windows

Adding extra windows also grants you the opportunity to upgrade the window treatments in your room. With more natural light in your living room, the room will feel alive, and this will also lessen energy costs since you won’t need to turn on lights or heat during the day.

2. An Air conditioner completes the look!

An air conditioner is an excellent modern investment for all homes. It’s not only useful for cooling your room but can also come in handy in winter. Opt for one with a heating option to warm up your living area in cold months.

However, a small portable AC is more modern. It uses less energy, and you can comfortably move it within your home. In case you aren’t sure where to get one, search online for the best small AC units, and be sure to get a perfect fit for your living room.

3. You can never go wrong with unique pieces of wall art

Exquisite pieces of art make a place feel warmer and more appealing. By dangling a few on your walls, your living room won’t appear empty; and this is a plus for winter. Bare walls make your space feel cold and unfriendly, and this is particularly true if painted in white.

Therefore, hang beautiful pieces and make your room warmer and more inviting. There’s no particular piece of art that can suit your living area best since everyone has their preference and taste.

As such, a sculpture, different pictures, a three-panel art, or a beautiful design that you made yourself can all work. You can as well opt for a minimalistic clock, but consider your sitting room arrangement and hang it appropriately.

4. A carpet or rug works wonders!

Carpets are a sure way of maintaining the right temperature in your living room. They can retain heat in winter and stay cooler in warmer months. More so, a carpet absorbs noise and can act as a sound barrier between your living room and the rest of your home.
A carpet or rug works wonders!
Remember, no one loves stepping on a cold floor during winter. By covering your room with a rug or carpet, you add not only warmth to your living area but also an element of comfort. Although rugs come in varying shapes, styles, and colours, you can always find one that matches your sitting room colours.

5. Add some colour to your coffee table

Your sitting room furniture also matters. For instance, the coffee table is an essential item in your living room. It acts as your conversation area and allows your loved ones to meet, read a book, take their favourite drinks, or play a board game. Therefore, add some candles to cozy up your space and also make it warmer.

Consider a collection of natural elements such as pinecones in a bowl, antique books, or any other tabletop display. You can as well unify the look by placing the coffee table accessories on a big tray, plate, or a woven fabric.

6. Soft lighting

Winter months can be excellent times to look forward to when you have warm, mellow light in your home. Lighting fixtures make your room more relaxed and inviting. So, instead of dangling bare bulbs or harsh track lights, consider some soft lights concealed in the ceiling or designed with different shades. This way, your room will feel warmer.

7. Incorporate wood

Incorporate wood
With the different ideas to refurbish your living space, there’s always something to fit your preference. Timber comes in various rich tones and finishes. It’s a great way to transform the entire look of your living room while adding a warm feel to it. This way, your living room will be cozy and warm, perfect for the winter.

Final thoughts

There are various ideas to refurbish your living space. Hang some unique pieces of art and a wall clock, throw a rug, use soft lighting, add some pomp to your coffee table and incorporate wood and place your air conditioner strategically. No matter what you opt for, ensure that it warms up your room and blends in well with other fixtures in your home.

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