How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page?

Facebook pages are extremely beneficial for various businesses, brands, artists, communities, and more. Really, you can make a Facebook page for anything. But why should you? Well, once you get more likes on your Facebook page, you’ll automatically have social proof.

Social proof is valuable because it shows Facebook users who are just coming across your page for the first time that other people know of you (and like you). Being known and liked by other people makes you instantly trustworthy.

In order to receive that validation on Facebook, it’s essential to have a lot of likes on your Facebook page. This article will provide you with the most effective tips for getting those likes and increasing the overall engagement on your page.

Guaranteed Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

The following tips are guaranteed to increase your Facebook page audience, which, in turn, may open up new opportunities and build community. Taking action on these solutions can even help you get up to 1,000 likes on your Facebook photos! Who doesn’t want that?

So, let’s get started. Here are our 11 tips for getting more likes on your Facebook page.

1) Customize Your “About” Section

If you’re out to get Facebook likes, it’s time to get specific about who you are and what you’ll offer your audience when they like your page. If people come across your page and aren’t immediately clear on what you’re about, they’ll likely click away.

Use relevant keywords in your bio, and be sure to fill out all of the categories. Being thorough with this step creates more credibility in Facebook’s algorithm, making it more likely that your page will land near the top of a search result.

2) Share Engaging Content

It’s easy to boost your Facebook page likes when you know the type of content that your target audience is interested in. This may take some time to pin down, but once you do, sharing content that truly engages your fans will be like second nature.

Track your posts in the Insights portal of your Facebook page. Once you get acquainted with the data there, you’ll be able to see trends pointing to content with the most engagement.

3) Use Recognizable Images

Much of the internet is comprised of images these days. Photos can absolutely make or break people’s perception of you, which is why it’s essential to use high-quality images that are eye-catching and relevant to your page.

No matter what you post on Facebook, pairing it with a recognizable image will decrease the likelihood that people will scroll past or click away.

4) Include a Strong Call to Action

User engagement means those who come across your posts like, comment, share, or click rather than simply scroll past. Including a strong yet sincere call to action helps your fans know that their engagement is important to you.

Plus, throughout recent changes, Facebook added more room for pages to be featured or “suggested for you” on users’ feeds. To make sure your page is one of the chosen ones, be sure to advocate for yourself through consistent calls to action.

5) Find Out When Your Facebook Fans Are Online

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When searching online, you’ll find advice from many experts regarding the best time to post on social media. But, did you know that you can check when your own Facebook fans are online?

While managing your Facebook page, go to Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online to see the data. Posting during the hours that your fans are online makes it more likely that people will comment, like, and share your content.

6) Make Use of Facebook’s Social Plug-ins

There’s no need to limit your presence to the news feed; Facebook’s reach extends far and wide. You can utilize Facebook social plugins on other blogs and websites, allowing you to build social proof outside the platform.

For example, you can comment publicly on other ‘sites through your Facebook page. You can also share your online activity outside of Facebook (like clicking the Facebook share button within a post you just read).

7) Invite New Community Members to Like You

You can quickly boost the number of people interacting with you by sending a quick invite to those in your community who may not realize you have a Facebook page. 

This will come in handy when you have friends on your personal Facebook account that you’d like to turn into fans on your Facebook page. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your communities on Instagram, Twitter, email newsletters, etc., to like your page.

8) Create Your Own Facebook Group

Another great way to grow your Facebook presence includes making your own Facebook group. Facebook groups create a sense of community and exclusivity.

To operate a Facebook group correctly, be sure to be active within the group by starting conversations, answering questions, and taking their insight seriously. This approach will make group members more enthusiastic about liking and sharing your Facebook page.

9) Post Your Facebook URL on Other Social Channels

Utilizing cross-promotion is one of the easiest things you can do to get more likes on your Facebook page. After posting valuable content, simply link to your Facebook page on other social channels like Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

Leading viewers to your Facebook page to view the content rather than posting it individually on each social platform will surely increase your Facebook page likes.

10) Put Your Facebook Page Feed on Your Website

Whether your website is highly trafficked or not, it’s always a good idea to make your Facebook news feed visible on a secure website. To do this, create a custom feature or find a plugin that will display your Facebook feed attractively.

Since visitors to your website are already interested in you or your services, they’ll likely click to see what’s happening on your Facebook as well!

11) Buy Facebook Page Likes

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Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of the longest-running social platforms, so the potential audience that it offers can be enormous. You can acquire your own social proof and get more likes on your Facebook page by following the straightforward solutions presented in this article. 

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