Create a Playground Area to Encourage Your Kids to Spend Time Outdoors

Nowadays, kids spend most of their time staring at electronic devices, such as phones, tablets or television. Evidence shows that today’s kids swap outdoor relaxation for sedentary activities that are detrimental to their health and well-being.

As a parent, your dream is to see your kids growing up as well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of compassion and independence. Luckily, you can teach them these qualities by getting them outside the house. 

But the question is, how can you do so? Well, your kids need a good reason to spend more time outdoors, and while it may seem like an impossible goal, you can achieve it by creating a playground area. Such a fun and safe space will keep your children happy and healthy for a long time. Figuring out how to build a playground for your kids can be challenging, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we walk you through the process of creating the perfect outdoor area where your children can have fun.

Steps to create a playground area for your kids

A playground area is a perfect way for children to enjoy their time outdoors. In some simple steps, you can create a positive play experience for your kids. 

Figure out the size of the outdoor space

Before anything else, you need to determine the size of the outdoor space. This is important because it will help you decide what materials you’ll use and how much money you need to invest.

Thus, make sure to be as accurate as possible when measuring the size of your outdoor space. After doing this, compare the size with the materials you plan to use. It’s essential to go through this step carefully – if you don’t, you may end up purchasing playground equipment only to realise that it doesn’t fit in the outdoor space. And you likely don’t want this to happen.

Sketch out some ideas

Once you’ve determined the size of the playground area, you should sketch some ideas on a piece of paper, as this will help you figure out what to expect once you start the project.

Some things you can include are balls, a sandbox area, and other types of equipment that encourages outdoor exploration. Like this, you’ll ensure your children spend time outdoors without getting bored.

Gather the materials you need and start working

The next step is gathering the required materials and working on your backyard masterpiece. You’ll need drills, shovels, and hammers to complete this task. Also, don’t forget to wear protective masks – they will protect you from debris and dirt as you dig the soil.

You may also want to ask your friends to come and help you, as creating an outdoor play area is pretty challenging when done alone. For instance, you may not be skilled at assembling a swing and slide set, so you may need to ask someone else to do it for you.

Playground Area 1

Decide on a play theme

An essential part of creating a playground area is carefully choosing the play theme. To do this, consider your kids’ age and what would be the ideal way to encourage play.

Some common play themes include classic, space, urban, nature, nautical and modern. Whatever you choose, your theme should allow your kids to explore their creativity with their peers.

Consider the playground’s layout

After deciding on a play theme, it’s time to plan the layout of the playground. You must not overlook this step, as your kids’ safety depends on it. Deciding how you’ll lay out everything will help ensure the equipment is placed safely and your kids can access their favourite areas effortlessly.

However, you shouldn’t make a final decision regarding the layout before having all the required equipment in place. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the distance between the play equipment.

Pick the right play equipment

Another essential step in creating a playground area for your kids is choosing appropriate equipment. This equipment should be ideal for your kids’ age to meet their needs. For instance, you can consider adding a mini jungle gym if you have younger kids. When choosing playground equipment, purchase it from a company that focuses on quality and safety, such as Wickey. That way, you’ll ensure the playground equipment will offer your kids a fantastic play experience.

Swing sets are a must-have in a playground area, as they make the craziest adventures possible! You may or may not know this, but swinging isn’t only calming – it also has many other benefits, such as increasing spatial awareness, developing fine and gross motor skills, and stimulating different parts of your child’s brain. Thus, adding this equipment to the playground area is the perfect way to get your kids outside and encourage them to stay active throughout the day!

Outdoor play has numerous benefits for children

Outdoor play impacts your child’s physical strengths, immune function and weight. Promoting outdoor play in your kids will make them more likely to maintain an energetic adult lifestyle. Some physical benefits of outdoor play include:

  • Advanced motor skills;
  • Improved muscle strength;
  • Lower body mass index;
  • Better overall health.

 Besides physical benefits, playing outside also provides numerous opportunities for kids’ social development. Playing with their friends teaches kids vital social skills such as cooperation, and empathy, which will help them immensely in their life. Outdoor play helps children develop reasoning and observational skills.

Lastly, your children will become emotionally stronger by playing outside and will be more likely to process things quickly. Outdoor play has been proven to foster kids’ independence, as they have the chance to experiment, invent games, try new things, and explore their capabilities.

Last words

A sedentary lifestyle leads to all kinds of health issues, and the only way to prevent this is to stay as active as possible. But kids aren’t aware of these things, so parents are responsible for guiding them on the right path. Luckily, getting your kids outdoors is easier than you think! If there’s something more interesting to do outside the house, they will likely want to spend their time doing it – it’s that simple. Your kids will surely be excited to have a space in the backyard specially designed for them to play!

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