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5 Unique Places To Put A Wine Cabinet

Every homeowner has preferences and desires regarding what features and rooms they want to have in their home. Apart from the usual, there are nice-to-haves, one of which is a wine cabinet. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or not, this is always a nice touch in your home, especially when you love entertaining guests. You can collect wine, one type and one destination at a time, ready to pull out for when you have visitors and family over.  

With a wine cabinet or built in wine cooler at home, you don’t have to leave your house for a wine and cheese night, even if it’s only for yourself or your family. Wine connoisseurs keep their wine safe and properly stored so it’s always at the right temperature. Likewise, your wine cabinet is also where you can keep your collection of wine glasses, among others. 

As you consider having a wine cabinet, the question of where to place it will also come up. The kitchen may be the first choice, but it doesn’t have to be limited only there. If you’re intentional about it, you may find other places in your home where the wine cabinet can also be positioned. 

This article can give you hints for unique places where you can put a wine cabinet. 


A wine cellar is usually placed in the basement of a home. This tops the list, as it’s the best place, but also the most expensive. It’ll take a lot of work to convert a portion of your basement or any extra room in your home to become a dedicated place for your wine cellar. 

When choosing to have a wine cellar as the place where you’ll install your wine cabinets, be sure to select a room that’s dim and cool. Moreover, this option is best only for those serious about collecting wine, such that a single wine cabinet isn’t enough to house all your bottles. 

Living Room 

This second idea may raise some eyebrows. Not a lot of homeowners will even think about the possibility of placing their wine cabinet right there in their living room.  

However, if you have the space for it in your living room, it makes a lot of sense. The living room is often the first area guests walk into your home. This may also often be where you gather as a family to relax, talk, or enjoy a movie, in the absence of a family or entertainment room. 

With a wine cabinet right in your living room, you don’t have to go far to grab a bottle of wine. This makes hosting a lot easier when everything is within your reach. Design-wise, the wine cabinet can also add a nice touch to your living room, giving off a hint of luxury and elegance. 


Here’s another unexpected option: the garage. Truth be told, a modern garage in homes today isn’t limited only to housing the car. Many homeowners may have a separate garage for their cars, with another one often used as storage. 

Why not use your garage better than simply having it as a dumping ground for clutter? You can keep it as a storage space but make it more organized and put together. Give a home and section for every item you’re keeping in your garage, wine included. 

Putting your wine cabinet in your garage is also a good idea, particularly when you have limited space in your main home. Or, this can even be temporary if you’re planning to renovate certain areas of your home and want to make some space for the wine cabinet.  

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Under The Stairs 

For those who have stairs in their home, that under-the-stairs cabinet can be utilized for something other than to keep your brooms, coats, and other ‘dirty’ items. If you can move those things elsewhere, this under-the-stairs cabinet can also be converted into your wine cabinet. 

Dining Room 

The wine cabinet in the dining room helps it become a conversation starter. Depending on where you are in the world, meals are often incomplete without a glass of wine, making it a household staple. If this is the case, having a wine cabinet in your dining room is practical. 

When you’re used to drinking wine, you’ll know how to pair it with your food. Or, perhaps you have favorites you’d like to serve when you have family over. With your wine cabinet in the dining room, now you won’t have to leave, albeit momentarily, to go elsewhere in your room to grab a bottle. 


The wine retains its quality when it’s stored in the best conditions. Invest in a wine cabinet if you want to level up your wine game. It’s not enough to simply put your wine in a vacant kitchen area or mix it with all the other beverages in your fridge. Now that you have ideas about where to place your wine cabinet, the search for a good one and a good builder should be in order. Consider this as an investment for your home, particularly if, as a homeowner, you love entertaining with wine on the side.

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