5 Tips to Make a Bigger Profit When Selling Your House

The real estate market is slow when it comes to change. The market has been the same for a while, even though more people are moving in. The market can be tricky for sellers who expect a stress-free process. These sellers expect to list their homes and get buyers, collect a payment, and release the keys, but that is not how it works. For instance, the location of your property may impact the time taken to sell and how much profit you make. Another stumbling block is the rate of competition. It is easy to sell a home where competition is high and homes are few more than the opposite.

The unprecedented pandemic impacted the prices of homes in the market. The price has been increased due to the tug of war by buyers in the real estate market. Because of the rush, home buyers make bigger profits when selling a house. However, the market is predicted to return to normal as the reduction in mortgages takes effect. If you do not understand simple techniques, you will find it difficult to sell a house and make a big profit. This article addresses some basic steps needed to sell a home and make a profit.

  1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

The world has made it easy to search for a real estate agent, including their history, achievements, professional qualifications, and flaws through reviews. You can use Google to search for reliable agents online. Find out their information on the number of sales and designations. Ensure they use professional pictures for their listings. An agent with a designation shows they have experience in a particular niche.

However, if you’re tempted to sell the house without an agent or go FSBO, you may benefit from saving fees of up to 5 or 6 percent. But with an experienced and professional agent by your side, you can sell your house quickly and earn more than the fees paid. Agents are capable of listing a house to a broader audience, creating opportunities for better negotiations. They are also there to market your home, prep it, talk with buyers, negotiate a profitable offer, and close the deal.

  1. Update Your Appliances

Appliances are an attention grabber when it comes to selling a home. Look at making upgrades as an investment before listing your house. However, you can’t upgrade everything in your home; that’s why you need the help of an agent. For instance, you can choose to upgrade your kitchen or deck. Don’t do it yourself, but seek help from professionals like remodeling agents to see the real estate remodeling projects.

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  1. List It During Spring or Summer

Selling in the spring or summer of the year is ideal for getting the best profit. This time of the year is usually the rush hour period for home buyers. There are a lot of renters looking for a home during this period. HomeLight’s Top Agent Insight report for Spring 2022 shows that 98% of agents see this period as a seller’s market, and 83% of them discover this period to be low on houses. Summer attracts 50% of home sellers between May and August. These months experience high home sales as students return to school, buyers have more time to look for a house, and new homes are usually built.

  1. Redo Your Bathroom

A bathroom is the second most used room after the bedroom. If your bathroom is well taken care of, it will be easy to list a clean house. But if not, you need to invest some dollars in renovating the bathroom. A bad bathroom generates awful odors that can fill the whole house, causing depreciation on the selling price.

Focus on replacing the bathroom before putting your home on sale. Upgrade its appliances such as light fixtures, toilets, baths, and fresh painting. To make a bigger profit, make your bathroom presentable to your renters.

  1. Clean Up Your Yard

The yard is the first place homebuyers see before entering your house. Buyers enjoy imagining themselves in the yard, but they can’t do that if it is not tidy. Give your yard a thorough clean-up and remove clutter, dirt, and rodents. It is better to hire external cleaners to make the most of your yard. A clean yard will attract home buyers before the interior part of the house.

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