How to: A Quick Guide for First-Timers in Switching Energy Supplier

You might be wondering what’s all this thing about switching energy suppliers. Is there a need to switch suppliers? Is it easy? Does it require you to go to an office and settle all your concerns? All of these are basic questions of a first-timer when it comes to looking for a new energy supplier.

It is common to have a lot of questions, but switching to a new energy supplier is actually pretty straightforward. It doesn’t take so much time to learn about it. Let us run you through a quick guide to the basics of how switching energy suppliers go.

You need your postal code.

You might ask, why do you need your postal code? Well, when switching energy suppliers, you need a few things. One is your postal code, a recent energy bill, and an accredited energy comparison website. That’s it.
You need your postal code.

A lot of first-timers in switching energy suppliers think that when you switch from your old supplier to your new one, it will take a long and grueling process. The good thing is that switching is easy. Just secure the three things mentioned above, then you are set to start switching to a new supplier.

Search for an accredited energy comparison website.

On this one, there’s a lot of energy comparison websites you can select from. It depends on the state you’re residing in. These websites will help you to check and compare energy plans that will suit your budget and will help give you calculations on how much you can save either monthly or annually.

You can check Eligo electricity price comparison. It is a comprehensive website that will give you free, informative, and complete details in switching energy supply. There are a lot of energy comparison websites out there; hence make sure it has an accreditation by the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and see how competitive their plans are.

Pick your plan.

Once you have secured your postal code, enter it in the energy comparison website of your choice. From there, an array of plan choices will be shown to you. Make sure to check each plan the website is offering. The plans will show you how much you can save in 3 months, six months, or in 12 months.

The price for every kWh (kilowatt-hour) cost varies on how many months the plan is set. If you think you can save more in choosing a 12-month fixed-rate, then go ahead and choose the deal.

Have your recent energy bill at hand.

We have already mentioned that you need to secure three things for switching to a new energy supplier. One of them is your recent energy bill. It is necessary as there are questions that will be answered with the information found in your energy bill. You can refer to it and complete answering all the questions on the website.
Have your recent energy bill at hand.
Filling up information and answering the questions won’t take your time. Normally, the completion time is around 10 minutes as long as you have all the details at hand.

Review your comparison results.

Once you’re through picking for your desired plan and filling up the information, you now need to check the comparison results. Be thorough and diligent in comparing all the given information. Make sure that your new plan is tailored to cater to your needs. It should provide you an option that you are about to save more than your old supplier.

If your desired plan is offering you an equal price saving compared to your old supplier, you might need to select another energy comparison website or choose another plan instead. Either way, your goal is to have your energy consumption cut down by switching suppliers.

It is time to confirm your switch.

When you are all set and finally made up your mind with your new plan with your new energy supplier, it is finally to seal the deal. Confirm the switch plan by providing necessary information like your address and bank details for payment purposes. Then you are all set, wait for your new energy supplier to contact you after the two weeks cooling period.

Remember that during these two weeks cooling period, if you are still hesitant and decide not to continue with the switch, there will be no cancellation fee. But, after the two weeks cooling period, you will be charged with the exit fee.
It is time to confirm your switch.


Switching energy suppliers comes in handy for every household owner who is first-timers in doing it — no need to comply with unnecessary requirements. And honestly, switching is straightforward and quick to do because it won’t even require you to spend a long time in it. Now, the final question is, do you need to switch or not? It’s all up to you.

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