Keeping Office Carpets Clean

Whether for your home or office, a clean carpet is all you need for the ambiance, great looks, and smell. Keeping the carpet clean, though, is not the most straightforward task around. It requires you to keep a cleaning routine.

Here are the top tips to keep your carpet cleaner for longer.

Remove Your Shoes

Remove Your Shoes

While it might seem fancy to wear shoes indoors, they are the leading carpet dirtying agents. Shoes hold dust, dirt, and debris and deposits on the carpet. If at all you have to have footwear indoors then consider a designated home socks or shoes. Shoes also increase the wear and tear on carpets due to the harder treads.

Clean Stains Straightaway

Letting stains settle on a carpet for longer increases their chances of stinking. Clean the stains as quickly as possible and use the right cleaning tool and method. Avoid using a cloth on the carpet as you can quickly transfer dye. Office carpet cleaning services Singapore provides different cleaning solutions for different types of dirt and stains.

Vacuum Regularly

If you want to keep your carpet looking cleaner and in shape, for long, you have to vacuum regularly. Regular vacuuming helps avoid dirt buildup on the rug. However, be careful not to vacuum too much. Overboard vacuuming strains the carpet fibers that lead to wear and tear. The ideal vacuuming frequency is twice per week.

Use Carpet Protection

Use Carpet Protection
Carpet protection is excellent for preventing wear and tear and also keeping the carpet clean. The protective cover means you won’t have to clean your carpet regularly. The protection also helps avoid dirt from the chair wheels or legs.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

A cleaner air filter is great for your carpet as it reduces the particles dropping on the carpet. A poorly maintained air filter also reduces the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaning hence less clean carpets. Other than carpets, cleaner air filters also ensure effective HVAC system operations. Change your air filters after 90 days or 60 days if you own household pets.

Hire Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

The sure way to keep your carpets clean is by hiring a professional cleaning service. The professional cleaners come with expertise and different cleaning techniques for any rug. They have human resources and tools for the hard to remove dirt. Most cleaning companies train their staff on the right tools to use such that you don’t risk devaluing your carpet in the process.
Hire Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
Cleaning service also ensures a faster drying process, which makes it great for busy premises. Look for an experienced cleaning company that allows for a variety of cleaning options. The cleaning company should also cover for the workers and damaged goods.

Bottom Line

A clean carpet is great for your premises due to the aesthetic effects and healthier working spaces. For a spotless carpet, you need to keep dirt and dust away. Eliminate any external component that can damage the carpet. Ultimately, for the cleanest results, hire a reputable professional carpet cleaning services.

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