Remodeling Ideas for Improving Home Exterior Designs

On average, upgrading home exteriors costs $5,000 to $15,000, with exterior painting costs ranging from $1,800 to $4,000, according to Home Advisor. The outer part of your home plays a significant role in determining resale value. Property owners who maintain and upgrade their homes’ exterior designs tend to enjoy a higher property value.

Additionally, maintaining an appealing exterior dictates your style.

That is why you should always have a plan for improving the home facade anytime you intend to renovate your property. Besides, there are gorgeous home exterior designs and small details you can incorporate in your property to make it stylish.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

Even if the paint on your home’s exterior hasn’t started peeling or cracking, it may look dull or stained over some time. Consider updating the outside with lighter, brighter, and contemporary colors to enhance style. However, the colors you choose will depend on the architectural style of your home. If, for instance, your house is Victorian style, make sure to paint a slightly darker shade paired with light-colored trim and decorative accents to get the best results. You can take the help from stucco painting calgary.
Apply a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

While it is possible to DIY, professional painters hiring is crucial. You can find the best Portland home painters that will offer exterior paint color ideas and inspiration, depending on your needs. They will use their expertise to choose paint colors that match the overall design of your home as well as complement your neighbors’ homes. With the help of expert painters, you can rest assured of a high return on investment because the exterior paint will be not only fresh but also neat and tidy.

Consider Roof Replacements

Your roof impacts not only the functionality and safety of the home, but it also affects the overall property design. That is why you need to opt for roof replacements when renovating your home. Consider replacing an old roof with architectural shingles. Professionals recommend architectural shingles because they have more dimension compared to asphalt shingles. Plus, their designs help reflect UV rays to keep your home cool during the hot seasons.

Other roof replacement design ideas include installing metal roofs or standing seams for contemporary homes. Think of clay and concrete roofing tiles for older homes. These tiles come with a variety of shapes and designs to help you make a statement on your property.

Introduce Texture on the Exteriors

Adding exterior texture designs creates dimension and adds visual interest to your curb. The best way to add appealing finishes is through stone skirting, accent walls, or the use of bricks. Alternatively, you can incorporate wood shingles on a portion of the home, or corrugated metal panels, especially for contemporary homes. Stucco or even architectural panels can add texture with a neat and up to date aesthetic.
Introduce Texture on the Exteriors

Focus on Landscaping

Landscaping is an excellent way of adding color to your home’s exterior design. Start enhancing your curb’s appeal by merely cleaning and decluttering the outdoor space. Planting flowers, bushes, and shrubs alongside pathways will make your home look valuable. Though you may not be a pro in gardening, simple lawn maintenance tricks like trimming grass and trees, getting rid of weeds, and sprucing bare patches can help disguise unappealing parts of your landscape.

Adding an outdoor kitchen can significantly increase the worth of your property. Be sure to research the latest designs and use quality materials to ensure your new installations withstand harsh weather. Also, upgrade outdoor lighting by installing floodlights, overhead lights, scones, or solar pathway lights. Enhanced lighting will make your home elegant and improve security.

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