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Increase You Security With Fingerprint Door Locks!

Increase You Security With Fingerprint Door Locks!

Since the inventions of fingerprint door locks, the ratio of break-ins has reduced significantly. These door locks were explicitly invented to increase and improve your security measures. Be it’s your home, office, or bank or shop – you can install fingerprint door locks anywhere you want. You can quickly enter or exit the room without striking the numeric keys or remembering codes etc. The best thing about these fingerprint door locks is that they are affordable – it means that they have become ubiquitous these days. There is no doubt that these tech-savvy door locks are a better option than CCTV and Security cameras!

Other than security, here is why you need to get the best fingerprint door lock installed at your home, office or workplace:

Creates A Great First Impression:

Though the biometric locks and technology have become very common these days – this technology is still a thing of marvel for people. People consider this lock system more professional as compared to those where they have to enter key codes. These biometric locks are best for any workplace or business office that wants to create a first great impression on their investors and customers.
Creates A Great First Impression

Security Without Compromising Convenience:

One great thing about these biometric locks is that they protect without compromising your comfort and ease. You don’t have to remember any numeric passwords or carry your employee card to enter your office place. Furthermore, you need not worry about being your password or key being stolen by anyone. Just put your thumb/finger on the scanner, and it will let you in or out of the room/building.

Comes With Many Hybrid Options:

As the biometric locks require electric power to keep them running – you can install the hybrid locks in your building. These locks have both the mechanical keys as well as the biometric technology. In case there is a power break, you can enter the code to get in or out of the building. Moreover, another purpose of installing the hybrid locks is that you can give access codes to the one time visitors and then quickly change the codes without any difficulty. Hybrid locks double the security measures.

Physical Security And Electronic Security:

One thing that you should keep in mind is always to buy the biometric locks from a reputable retailer. No matter how cheap you can buy these locks from a local or shady vendor – never take the risk of buying those locks. When you purchase such locks from dishonest vendors, there is a risk that they hand over the faulty locks to you.
Physical Security And Electronic Security

Don’t Forget To Check The FRR and FAR Ratings:

Both FRR (False Rejection Rating) and FAR (False Acceptance Rating) are essential to consider when buying these locks. The FRR will tell you what chances of the reader to fail to accept a verified fingerprint on the first try are. On the other hand, the FAR rating tells you the opposite of how often it accepts an unverified fingerprint. A good FRR rating 1% or below, while a score of 0.0001% is considered suitable for FAR!

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