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How a New Worktop Can Bring an Ageing Kitchen to Life

As time passes, a kitchen can start to look its age, either due to wear and tear or because the design has become dated. When this happens, it can seem like the only solution is to buy a new kitchen; however, adding a new worktop can be the perfect solution if the cupboards are still in good shape. To bring an ageing kitchen back to life, save money and the upheaval that goes with refitting an entire kitchen. 

The type of worktops & gadgets   

Most worktops last at least ten years. Therefore, worktops will likely have moved on from when your current worktop was purchased. Buying a new worktop may allow you to include helpful add-ons. Depending on which worktop you choose, you can add features like hot rods and a butcher block to protect your work surface from damage and charging areas for gadgets. 

New Worktop Can Bring an Ageing Kitchen to Life 2

If you want to keep with the colours of your existing cupboards, tiles and flooring, you can choose a naturally toned worktop that will tie your design together. Solid wood worktops like natural oak or Walnut are perfect for this. They add warmth, sophistication and character to your kitchen design whilst creating a practical, hard wearing surface which is easy to maintain.

If you have an old laminate worktop, you may prefer to add a touch of luxury with a granite or marble worktop or choose a versatile and bright, colourful laminate.   

Benefits of replacing your worktop  

Looking at the same kitchen for over a decade can be a little mundane. Changing just the worktop instead of the whole kitchen will give it a fresh look, especially if you choose a quality worktop that adds warmth, style and a touch of decadence. 

Buying just the worktop enables you to have your existing kitchen with all of the new practical features of a modern worktop. Possibly in a high quality that may have been out of your price range if you had purchased an entirely new kitchen.   

Fitting a new worktop instead of a whole new kitchen is much better for the environment and will save you all the trouble and expense of buying and fitting a new kitchen. You may even be left with extra funds to buy those all-important finishing touches to complete the new look. 

New Worktop Can Bring an Ageing Kitchen to Life 1

 Fitting new kitchen worktops.  

The job of fitting a new kitchen worktop is relatively simple, as you have the existing worktops as a guide for measurements. Many worktop suppliers have a cutting service and can deliver worktops which are pre-cut to your unique design and ready to fit straight away. Fitting is best carried out by an expert, as the worktops can be heavy and need to be attached to the cupboard securely.   

Understandably, a kitchen can start to look its age after a time. But fitting a whole new kitchen is often unnecessary. Instead, give your ageing kitchen a new lease of life by replacing the existing worktops with something new, which has to be the better option for your wallet and the environment.   

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