Home Trends 2019: Transform Your Place into a High-Tech Home

Through years of research and experimentation, the evolution of technology has reached new heights. So much so that it has become a staple for everyday life. Due to how innovative technology has become, almost every household has some form of it. It can be as simple as a computer or as high tech as a vacuum that operates itself.

If you love all things tech, then the following items are a must for your home.

Read on to learn how to transform your place into a high-tech home.

Wireless Light Bulbs

In the past, we’ve had to rely on light bulbs that contained argon gas. If this type of lightbulb was broken or shattered, it would release argons gas. Argon can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Thankfukly, technology has found a way around this with the invention of wireless LED lights.
Wireless Light Bulbs

Long gone are the days where we need to rely on an on/off switch. Use these safe, gas-free lights to your advantage. To further add to the hype, these types of lights can be controlled through your smartphone!

Robotic Vacuums

For some, cleaning is tedious and aggravating. With a robotic vacuum cleaner, however, cleaning has never been easier. These specialized vacuums come with a built-in artificial intelligence that creates a map of the layout of your home. In addition, they also come with wall sensors so they won’t constantly crash.

One of the most well-known robotic vacuum cleaners is the Roborock S6 black. These specialized robots come with a quad-core processor, which is what’s used in today’s smartphones. They are able to calculate various routes for different rooms to clean faster than the average Roomba.

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers
No matter what kind of home you live in, one thing is for certain; you need an air purifier. Air purifiers are pretty straightforward devices. The main purpose is to remove any contaminants that are lingering in the air.

They accomplish this by gathering air from the surrounding area and puts it through various air filters. The air filters are what traps the contaminants so you won’t have to worry about breathing them in. These contaminants include dust, dirt and even mold spores.

Air purifiers sound pretty simple, right? However, there are various types of air purifiers to choose from aside from the standard one. While each of these share the same goal of keeping the air fresh, the method used varies on the system. One air purifier uses electrostatic filters to zap and trap contaminants, while another utilizes ultraviolent (UV) radiation to eradicate them.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re someone who loves their tunes, then this is just the gadget you need in your home. Bluetooth speakers allow you to play music on them from any device that is compatible. These speakers come in many different shapes, sizes and functions, so take your time before choosing one.

Book Lights

Book Lights
Are you the type of person who likes to stay up during the hours of the night reading? If so, then you’re going to really enjoy portable book lights. Not everyone can flash on the living room light and keep it on until they finish reading. Book lights not only illuminate a very small area, they also don’t distrub other people’s sleep.

With how technology is constantly evolving, there is no shortage of ways to have a high-tech home. Technology is constantly finding new ways to make homes more livable and life more enjoyable.

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