10 Essential Tools You Need For a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new house is a bittersweet experience everyone goes through at least once in their lives. Yes, moving is essentially packing up all your belongings and transferring them to a new place. But it’s no way as simple as it sounds.

Before the actual move, you have to pack and load everything into a moving vehicle. It would be quite annoying when you can’t dismantle your dining table because you don’t have the right tools. You need to plan and equip yourself ahead of time for a smooth move.

To save yourself from last-minute panic, here’s a list of some must-have moving tools:

  • Moving Dolly

Moving Dolly

Don’t risk a back injury by incorrectly lifting heavy boxes. Get a moving dolly that will allow you to easily move your belongings. A utility dolly is ideal for moving smaller household items and boxes, while a furniture dolly is suitable for large and heavy pieces of furniture.

  • Furniture Slider

Furniture sliders allow you to move heavy pieces of furniture with ease. In addition to this, they also prevent any floor damage. Along with dollies, furniture sliders will make moving effortless.

  • Moving Blankets

Don’t underestimate the application of moving blankets. Moving blankets or pads protect your furniture, electronics and other items from damage. You cannot risk chipping your antique furniture or breaking your vintage lamp. Look for durable and well-padded moving blankets.

  • Heavy Duty Scissors & Boxcutter

When you start packing you will realise how many times you have to cut tape, cardboard, ropes and ties. A dull, paper scissor will just be an inconvenience. Invest in a pair of sharp, heavy-duty scissors and a boxcutter for struggle-free packing.

  • Tape Measure

Tape Measure
Remember that episode of Friends in which Ross tries to move a sofa that’s way too big for the narrow staircase? Save yourself from screaming ‘pivot’ and get a tape measure to measure door frames and staircases beforehand.

  • Ropes and Straps

How are you planning to move your big-screen television? Unless you are the Hulk himself, you won’t be able to carry heavy and large furniture and electronics with your bare hands. This is where moving ropes and straps come in.

With the help of moving straps, you can easily carry your possessions without injuring yourself or breaking anything. Moving ropes and straps are also useful for securing items to a dolly.

  • Stair-roller

Imagine the effort it will take to move your huge couch from the fourth floor! If you don’t have an elevator or your furniture is too big for it, you need a stair-roller. You can easily attach it to heavy objects and safely roll them down the stairs.

  • Protective Gloves

If you are not particularly used to manual labour, personal protection gear is highly recommended. As you will spend long hours lifting and moving objects, get some protective gloves to protect your hands. You should take precautions to prevent any injuries.

  • Screwdrivers & Pliers

Screwdrivers & Pliers
A set of screwdrivers and pliers will come in handy for dismantling and reassembling furniture and electric appliances.

  • Packing Supplies

It’s obvious that you will need moving boxes, tape and other packing supplies to pack and move your stuff. However, it would be foolish to purchase cheap packing materials just to save a few bucks. Always get high-quality packing supplies to avoid scratching or breaking your belongings.

Do you really need all these tools? The answer is yes. These tools are indispensable for an effortless move. However, purchasing all these tools combined with the manual effort will ultimately prove to be expensive. Why take unnecessary stress when South Park Removals can help you? Hiring a moving company is a convenient and affordable way to guarantee a hassle-free move.

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