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Home Decor Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value in 2021

Home Decor Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value in 2021

Whether you’re planning a wholesale renovation of your property or small and targeted spruce-ups to prepare it for sale, you should always be looking to prettify your home when you’re doing work on it. You want to spend as little as possible to extract as much value from your changes as possible – and that can mean anything from adding another lick of paint to your interior walls to smashing through a downstairs wall in order to make your living room and kitchen open-plan. Here are some top tips for your home decor in 2021. 

Green Changes

Buyers of modern homes aren’t just looking for comfort and style – up there with these top priorities is the home’s environmental credentials. If your home is leaking heat in the winter and has a poor electrical system, then you’re like to be wasting high amounts of energy – and money – keeping your house heated and lit. Consumers are now looking for incredibly well-insulated and well-wired homes – homes they can rely on to be eco-friendly for a decade to come. 

Moreover, house-buyers will also turn their heads to properties that have gone the extra mile to make their home eco-friendly. Solar panels on rooftops are a great example, increasing the value of your property greatly – and delivering eco-friendly benefits, too. You can talk to Solar Companies in Tucson to arrange a quote on fitting these. Elsewhere, a compost heap, or a vegetable patch, are both likely to go down well with younger buyers.

Solar panels on a modern house

The Innards

Seeing as we briefly mentioned insulation and wiring, let’s deal with all of these innards at once. Inside your walls, beneath your feet, and over your head, your home is full of wires, pipes, and insulation of various types. These unseen spaces are what keeps your home warm and watered and lit – and it’s also the place where all the scruffy odds and ends are hidden in your home.

How should you approach your home’s innards if you’re looking to increase the value of your home with a refurbishment? Well, one option is to carefully replace all piping and wiring so that it’s set to last for another ten years at least. This is a marvelous option for those who want to show off a modern, brand-new kind of home. A less costly solution to your home’s innards is to fill them with insulation. That’ll help regulate the temperature of your home all year-round. 

Floors and Walls

The most fundamental parts of your home are the surfaces – and the most exciting of those surfaces that you have the opportunity to change are the floors and the walls. You’re aware of what you can do to walls, of course: paint, paper, and decorate with shelving, pictures, and other ornaments. Use light colors when decorating a modern and spacious home and darker colors in more creative, smaller, and cozier spaces.

The floors in your home are more complex. For instance, if you are choosing to change the floors in your home, it might be wise to install under-floor heating as you do it. This negates the requirement for radiators in your home and provides a wonderfully warm surface to walk on. Meanwhile, you have the option of tiles, wood, laminate flooring, or slate and stone for your floors – as well as carpets and rugs, of course. Choose these wisely to give your home the most pleasant interior feel. 

Furniture and Design

The design ethos of your home is something that you may never have fully considered before. It’s something to think about now because if you build a truly cohesive and well put-together home interior, it’ll reflect in your home’s valuation. Pretty homes tend to sell for more even when they’re not materially worth more – it’s just a reflection of the smart design principles that have been followed in assembling the right furniture in the right spaces in your home’s interior. 

Many home designers choose to opt for the minimalist look in their homes in order to create a sense of luxurious space. This is something that comes recommended by top designers, especially in homes that are based in apartment blocks. But you might also dabble with other design styles if you feel that you have a good idea of where you want to take the interior of your home. Look online for tips and advice as to how to assemble the right furniture in your home.

Your Garden

Your Garden

You should never forget about your garden when you’re preparing your home to be viewed and judged by buyers. The garden might not be the main event when you’re showing someone around a home, but you can bet your bottom dollar that buyers are going to imagine themselves sitting under the pergola that you bought – or relaxing on the decking that you installed. That kind of investment is sure to help buyers feel more comfortable in your home, imagining themselves taking the keys of your property for themselves.

At the same time, you don’t want to make huge changes to your garden that might put off punters. Many homeowners have their own plans for their gardens when they buy a property, so it’s not advised for you to invest in a large shed or outhouse before you sell, as these might actually serve to put buyers off. Just plant and prune carefully around your home, taking care to create beds that will flower beautifully in the summer months. You can talk to gardening experts in your local gardening shop in order to get more tips about how you should change and arrange your garden before selling your property.

There you have it: some key tips to help you increase your property’s value by some margin by concentrating on changing your home – bit by bit and room by room. If you’re still hungry for more advice, check out the rest of our website – and be sure to search online for more interior design styles to dip your oar into in the future. 

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