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Tips To Keep Your Floor Sparkling Clean

Tips To Keep Your Floor Sparkling Clean

One of the most important elements of your home is the floor and a lot of us spend hours to keep it clean. Whether the floor is cork, tile, laminate, or linoleum, there are simple and easy ways to keep it looking new and spotless. Here are a few tips to clean the floor specific to the type of flooring you have. When the foundation of every room is sparkling, the home will look exceptionally clean. 

Hardwood Floor

There are two finishes in hardwood floors- wax and polyurethane. When you rub a finger across the surface and notice a smudge, the floor is waxed. Most sealed wood floors have a polyacrylic, polyurethane, or urethane coating which protects them from water damage or stains. The experts at Tri Point Flooring recommend using only a quarter cup of mild soap with water in a bucket to clean the floor. Use a microfiber mop that works wonders. You can easily wring it out which makes it ideal for hardwood floors. The floor will dry faster so you do not have to wait to get back into the room and you can easily clean high traffic areas every week. In the case of waxed floors, you will need to use a vacuum, or dust mop from time to time. You should keep damp mops away from the waxed surface.

Hardwood Floor

Laminate Floor

The laminate may look like natural stone tile or hardwood planks, but you need to look for it as a laminate. The best thing is that very few things can damage the floor. The plants are constructed in the sun and light-resistant layers that maintain the same appearance for years. However, it is important to keep water from getting below the planks. Dry mopping or vacuum works best here. You can use the machine on tile mode. Alternatively, you can spot clean with a slightly damp mop. Do not make the mistake of polishing a laminate floor and if the finish looks damaged, replace it. 

Cork Floor

The cork floor looks extremely beautiful, but it is very porous which makes it susceptible to water damage. Since it is absorbent, it is usually sealed but you need to be very careful when cleaning. It is best to vacuum and wipe up immediately in case of spills. If you prefer to wash the floor, do it once a week. Use vinegar and dish shop with warm water to clean the floor. 

Bamboo Floor

Sustainable and beautiful, bamboo has become an integral part of many homes. It is prone to scratches and nicks and is softer as compared to other hardwood floors. You need to be extra careful when cleaning bamboo floors. Use a cleaning solution with water and wipe the floor with a damp mop. Wipe away any excess moisture with a dry cloth. 

Linoleum Floor

Linoleum is made from limestone, resin, linseed oil, cork dust, wood fiber, and mineral pigments that bring the color. You need to treat natural flooring like cork. Simply use dish soap and hot water on the floor with a damp mop. The floor will dry immediately. 

Vinyl Floor

Keep the vinyl floor looking fresh by using vinegar, dish soap, and warm water. You can also use a steam cleaner periodically. It will remove stains and bacteria, so you do not feel like you need to run the mop again. 

Vinyl Floor

Natural Stone Floor

With natural floors, please leave the vinegar in the pantry. Even a small amount can damage stone floors. Instead, you can mop the floor with a non-chelating floor cleaner that will not react to the minerals in the natural surfaces. In case the stone tiles are unsealed, you can simply mop using hot water. If there is a lot of dirt, you may have to use a steam cleaner. 

Porcelain Tile Floor

To make the porcelain tiles look fresh, use the vinegar and warm water combination. All you need to do is spray the floor at a time and wipe with a damp mop as you go. Use a steam cleaner for deep, periodic cleans. 

It is important to understand the type of floor you have in the house and use the right cleaning method. If you are unaware of the cleaning products or cleaning method, speak to an expert. Using wrong products can damage the floor and could ruin the look of your home forever. There are some floors that need to be cleaned regularly while there are many others that do not need regular cleaning. If you are renovating the house, consider your preferences and keep the theme of the house in mind when choosing the flooring. It is best to opt for easy-to-maintain flooring, so you do not have to spend hours to make your home look clean. 

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