How High Should A Flat Screen Television Be Mounted

Many people are beginning to find out about the benefits of mounting their television on the walls daily. Slowly diverting from the big television stands that occupy a lot of space to using wall TV mounts that let you save a lot of space in your room making the area look neat, things are evolving.

Though wall TV mounting is a new trend, there are some important questions to ask before you decide to mount your TV screen. Discover more about flat screen mounting including the ideal height, the best position to have them hung, and the best wall mount products for a clean job at

Flat Screen Mounting

Deciding on the perfect height for your flat screen mounting is not quite an easy task as you may think. To determine the best height for mounting, you will need to have a clue about the different things about the TV like the size, its view from a distance, how high it is when watching, and the different viewing angles.

Professional mounting services like are an amazing way to have the right mount the very first time.

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Size of the TV

Is your TV size a 32, 42, or 55-inch size? Knowing the size of your TV will aid you to decide how the mounting will look. Bear in mind that, when mounting the TV, you are not making judgments from the floor to the bottom or top rather from the floor to the center of the TV. 

Also, always bear in mind that, the size of the TV is going to stand for the crosswise or slanting area. Thus, you will want to make use of a tape measure to determine how high will be and the exact center of the screen.

Viewing distance

The perfect viewing distance of the television and the ideal distance away from the screen you should be sitting before watching depends on the size of your television. To calculate this, take the inch size of your television and divide it by 0.55. 

For quick references, for 42-inch size TV, the best viewing position is 76 inches away from the screen while 55 inches will have 100 inches away from the screen as the ideal distance. For 65 inches TVs, 118 inches will be the right match while for 70 inches TVs, go for 127 inches away from the TV.

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Eye-level from floor and viewing angle

To calculate the eye level, do not stand but rather sit from the different viewing angles from where you will be watching the TV. Measure the distance from the floor towards your eyes to determine how high you can sit. 

With regards to the viewing angle, you will want your TV to be mounted on the wall for a viewing angle, not above 30 degrees. Most people nevertheless can sit for a short period between 10 to 15 degrees rest.

As a rule, a 42-inch television should be wall-mounted about 56 inches from the floor to the TV center, for a 55 inch TV, it can be around 61 inches, a 65 inch TV should be like 65 inches from the floor to the center while a 70 inch TV should be put around 67 inches to the center of the screen.

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