Five Reasons Why You Should Put Your Car in Storage

Placing your car in a storage facility away from your home can give you peace of mind that your vehicle is securely protected from theft and damage. While your garage or driveway is a protective place to store your car regularly, here are five scenarios in which using a car storage facility would provide a more secure option.

1. You are leaving home for an extended period

You could be temporarily relocating for work or study, leaving for an extended trip or, if you are in the military, being deployed. If you are leaving home for a long period, an empty house with a car sat in the driveway could prove to be a temptation for any thieves casing the neighborhood. Placing your car in storage will eliminate this risk. car self storage search helps you to find a car storage facility in your local area.


2. Your car is not in use

There are many reasons that your car might not in use for an extended period. You might be recovering from an illness or operation that impedes your ability to drive, or be housebound for some other reason—the current lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example! This being the case, putting your car in storage will keep it secure and out of the way until such time as you can use it again.

3. You own several cars or a classic car

If there are several vehicles at your address, chances are that you won’t have enough secure storage space for them all. Several members of your household could be car owners, or you could own several vehicles yourself. If this is the case, you could store the less frequently used vehicles at an off-site storage facility. This is a good alternative if you are a collector of classic or antique cars, which could be valuable and less frequently used than the family saloon. Keeping your classic car in secure storage will ensure that it is protected from theft and vandalism, and damage by the elements.


4. Storing a car during winter

You might own a car that is unsuitable for winter conditions—a coupe convertible, for instance, might not be able to cope with strong winds and heavy snowfall. Keeping a seasonal car in your garage takes up vital space, but parking it outside leaves it vulnerable to theft and weather damage. Why not store seasonal vehicles at an off-site storage facility? You can drive your coupe convertible in the summer months and, when the weather turns, swap it with a winter-appropriate car, with the knowledge that it will remain safe in hibernation at the car storage.


5. Free up storage space

Keeping a car that is not used very frequently takes up vital space in a garage. Putting it in storage will free up vital space at home for other storage uses while ensuring that your car remains safe from theft and damage.

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