Why Duro-Last Contractors Are The Best Roofers

The idea of reimagining old PVC roofs and manufacturing excess into resilient flooring was brought up by Mr. John R. Burt back in the year 1978. The idea came up as a solution to fix most of the roofing failures caused by either use of cheap and low-quality materials or poor workmanship.

A Duro-Last roofing system is a durable, custom-fabricated, reinforced thermoplastic single-ply membrane. Duro Last roofing contractors In Missouri  can fix all roofing problems by inspecting the roof and installing a new Duro-Last roof.

Fully customized roofs.

Duro-Last membranes are prefabricated in the factory in an order that fits perfectly onto any residential or commercial roofing structure. Seaming is created in the factory and then installed later on the building. By implementing one colossal layer, contractors can ensure that the possibility of leaks is eliminated.



The Duro-Last roofing system is ideal for both commercial, industrial, and residential flat or low-sloped applications.


Dura-Last is exceptionally durable and easy to install by authorized Duro-Last contractors. This could be done without disrupting building operations.


Duro-last has watertight aesthetics, highly reflective, resistant to grease, chemicals, and extreme weather. It can get a bit overwhelming when trying to make vital choices about your home or commercial facility structure, regardless don’t compromise high-quality when it comes to the roofing system. Choose a reputable roofing company to ensure your structure is well protected.

Easy Installation.

With the factory welded seams, this means that the first-time service provided is of better-quality installation, so you will not be calling back for re-fix. Duro-Last developed custom prefabrication methods and specialized equipment that allows almost 100% factory welded seams, reducing the potentials for leaks, roof damage, and on-site labor cost.

The roof is meticulousness fabricated to the structure’s specifications in a factory environment, including all fittings and edge details. Then the roofing system is carefully assembled in our factory and dispatched to the building site for final installation.



Once installed, it is practically maintenance-free. Duro-last has outlasted its owner’s expectations by more than five years, unlike most roof materials that require regular patching and repairs.

Certified Sustainable.

In addition to all the processes that make Duro-Last a more sustainable company, they have also obtained a third-party certification to verify the sustainability of their products. Everything about Dura-Last makes it the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated roofing systems. They also offer a 15 years warranty for every product they install.

Environmental conscious.

By reducing waste by recycling and manufacturing, the Duro-Last roofing solution saves money. This makes Duro-Last a great option for environmentally conscious building projects.

Energy Efficiency.

Through high reflectivity and reduced waste, Duro-Last is among the most energy-efficient roofs available today that saves you money. The single-ply used on Duro-Last roof reflects the sun’s rays diverting intense heat from the sun, making the product energy efficient.


Fire and heat resistant.

Duro-last not also holds well against strong winds but also resists fire and reflects heat. With a membrane that lasts, they work well on flat or low-slopped roofs.

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