Let Friends Know About Your New Home with Change of Address Cards

You bought that new house two months ago and have been working relentlessly on it for the last two months. You have updated the paint, flooring, appliances, and it is now perfect, and you are ready to move in. So make sure your friends and family know where your new house is with a set of change of address cards so they can come and admire your handy work.

A Change of address card is a fun and fantastic way to let everyone know your new address. If you find the right website, you will be able to customize your design instantly online. So with that in mind, we have created a quick list of what your card needs to have to be useful.

Five Things You Should Include On Your Change Of Address Cards



Your message will typically be the headline letting everyone know you will now be found at a new address. There is no exact wording or phrasing you have to use. It can be as simple as “We’ve Moved! Or something a little more creative like “We Have A New Nest.” You need to get the point across that you moved.


I know this seems pretty self-explanatory. However, many individuals would like to know if it is ok to just put a family name or if they can list out each person as well as the family pet. As this is a very informal card, you can do either. It just depends on personal preference.

New Contact Info

New Contact Info

Make sure to include your full address, including state and zip code. A fun thing you can do with your address is if you have named your new home add your home name above your address.

Photo (Optional)

It is not mandatory, but it is always fun to include a picture of you in front of the new home you have worked so hard on.

House Warming Invitation (Optional)

Why not use this opportunity as a house warming invitation as well. You can add the details of the party to the back of the card, so not only will your friends and family have your new address but help you celebrate in style.

We hope these little tips are helpful and that your cards turn out just as beautifully as your new home.

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