Experiment With Style Into The Dining Room


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Your home is looking pretty good, but that dining room is starting to look stale and needs some refreshing and refurbishment. There might be a need to do some change-ups if you are tired of looking at the same old picture while having lunch. But what to do? Any idea one may have about designs is strictly a personal one, so not much can be done to influence one’s preferences. There are as many ideas on how to decorate a room as there are people who will enter the room. With this in mind, the following is merely a list of suggestions on what you might find appealing if you feel the need to do some redecorating.

Upper West Side Townhouse contemporary dining room new yorkImage Source By dhd architecture

Use Your Colour

By “colour”, we mean your favourite one. Use your preferences as your main tool of redesigning that old, stale room. Make the colour prominent, show everyone who enters the room what you like. Or, if you feel frisky, hide the colour. Give it a glint or two here and there, use it as an implication for the keen eye. View More Mix And Match Dining Chairs Design Ideas

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Experiment With Style

If you feel that a room looks bland and needs a touch of style, start browsing for the different types. There is no lack of styles to pick from; the only problem here would be an abundance of such. Pick a style that reflects your character or one that sends people into contemplation about what kind of person you are. Or maybe just a pretty one! You might like the Victorian style, with dark wooden furniture, and bright upholstery, with flowery decorations, and putting space between everybody.

Victorian style dark wood bright upholstery dining roomImage Source By Home Designing

You might like the new age style: oval and bright furniture, lots of space, hanging decorations, an overall shiny look.

Image Source By West La Design Center

You might be in an exotic mood and go with the Indian style: lots of cushions, an abundance of patterns, twisting wallpaper, short furniture, and a few spots for scented candles.

Indian Style Wallpaper Dining RoomImage Source By CRISP Architects

How about the plain Japanese style? An almost bare room, with only the essential objects present, giving the place a natural feeling.

Japanese style dining room interiorImage Source By AP Home Interiors

If you are the artsy type, go crazy with decorations. Paintings are there to be used, pick your favourite, or the most luxurious, or the most meaningful ones and start placing them around the room – show people you appreciate art.

traditional dining room londonImage Source By My Bespoke Room

You might like the minimalistic style, which is close to the Japanese, except you can use normal furniture and that dining room table does not have to be at ankle height. To add some mystique to your rooms, use the Gothic style. Closely resembling the Victorian style, it uses dark-coloured furniture, and murky shades.

awesome minimalist dining room ideasImage Source By Mhouseinc

Add some reddish or maroon to the place, as well as some slightly disfigured paintings to have a bit of the grotesque and show your guests an appreciation for the mysterious. Fan of the rustic English style? No problem! Use bright colours, tassels, striped patters for the walls, landscape paintings, and many embroidered decorations and cushions. Don’t forget the posh bookcases!

And those are just some of numerous styles you can add to your home. It takes some careful planning as once started, there is no practical value in scrapping the project for a new one, but even if you don’t like it, bear with it for a while and then start all over.

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