Easy But Stylish: 3 Ideas To Decorate Your Mirror

A mirror can be a great addition to the design of every home. The specialised stores already offer all kinds of stylish and interesting models, most of which are also quite affordable. Whether you are a fan of the classic style or you prefer something more unusual for your home, it is enough just to look around and you will find what you need. There is also another option, which will allow you to save some money and decorate your property at the same time. You can create a special decorating element with unique design just for your home, using an ordinary mirror and a couple of interesting ideas.

You will be surprised what amazing things you can create with simple materials and a little imagination. Finding the perfect mirror for the living room, the bedroom or one of the other rooms of your home will take not only a lot of time, but also money. In case you can’t afford to spend a lot for the decoration of your home but you want to make some changes, you can work on some DIY projects at home. For the purpose you can buy several mirrors with ordinary frames, which you can clean and then decorate any way you like.

Beautiful Custom Rope Mirrors

Image Source By Coastal Living

modern dark blue boys bedroom with mirror in wall using wood frameImage Source By Residence Style

Decorating With Pebbles

Pebbles in different colours and shapes can be found in many shops. Depending on the size of the mirror you want to decorate, you can buy one or two bags with pebbles. Sort through them when you get home and make different piles. You will also need a glue gun, which will help you attach the pebbles to the surface of the mirror. Work slowly and when you are done, leave the glue to dry before you hang the mirror on the wall. In case you see glue stains here and there, you can clean them with a dry towel or cloth.

Rustic Log Bathroom Vanity With Pebbles Mirror DecorationImage Source By Wood Land Creek Furniture

DIY Sunburst Mirror

The sunburst mirrors are very popular because they can make every room look stylish with their interesting design. You may think that it’s hard to make one yourself, but we can assure you that it is actually very easy. What you need is one mirror with flat frame edge, 100-150 branches, painter’s tape, glue gun, a yardstick, spray paint and one sheet of paper. Using the yardstick you can mark the places for the branches. When you are done, decide how long the branches will be and then make them all even. Then glue them to the surface of the frame. When the glue dries out, cover the mirror with the sheet to protect it and start spraying the branches with the paint. Then leave the mirror to dry and hang it anywhere you like.

Original Janell Beals Sunburst Mirror BeautyImage Source By HGTV

Sparkling Mirror

It is possible to make a stylish sparkling mirror for your living room or another room using old CDs. In case you still keep some of your old CDs which you don’t need any more, you can cut them to little pieces and use them to create an interesting mosaic ornaments. When the pieces are ready, you can glue them either onto the frame of the mirror you want to decorate or directly onto the glass. Once they dry out, you can hang your new stylish mirror on the wall.

stylish mirror for your living roomImage Source By Danielle Trippett

Decorating the old and boring mirror in your home won’t take a lot of your time. The results, however, will certainly make you happy and you will see how the whole look of your place will change drastically. Before you hang your new mirrors, it is a good idea to clean them once again just in case there is glue or some other material left on the frame or the glass.

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