DIY Staircases : A Perfect Mix Of Functional Aesthetics

Once upon a time “do it yourself,” though the easy option, was often associated with mediocre quality, but these Italian-designed DIY staircases bring a chic flair to the home with their minimalist design

The staircase is one of the focal points of the room that was traditionally a job for a contractor, but the tide is quickly turning. A new trend is DIY staircases is making it possible to eliminate the contractor from the equation while still being able to maintain that cutting-edge design we so yearn for. Stair designers and manufacturers like Italian brand Fontanot, specialize in this DIY trend, offering design junkies with an eye for unique style something to fawn over. Here are some of their most elegant models for a stunning addition to the home:

Slim is the ultimate statement in minimalist design with a name that says it all: delicately thin treads made of a single sheet of smooth steel form a spiral structure that gives a sublimely airy look to the room. A solid steel core gives the structure the support to handle any kind of wear and tear that it may experience, whether you are furnishing a trendy loft apartment or a home with children. Slim also plays with sleek lines, featuring a double handrail for an added effect. It blends elegantly into any room in four varying earthy tones: off white, corten, cool and iron grey.

Fontanot Slim



Magia 70 Xtra is the spiral staircase that is a mix of innovative design combined with classic materials. The treads feature birch plywood, a durable material that gives that warm, traditional look to any room and can be customized with either a natural finish or rich cherry color. In addition to being easy DIY setup, the size, colors and dimensions can also be made to order online, an added bonus that leaves the process completely the the hands of the decorator. Fontanot also uses a new, innovative material, a PVC handrail with an aluminium core. Built with resistance in mind, this material is more durable and easier to clean that a classic wooden handrail.

Magia 70 staircase

Magia 70 Staircase

Nothing says elegance and simplicity like a floating staircase and Wall has got it all. Refined elegance in a ready-to-go stair kit. You can now save time and money and set up these floating stairs in an afternoon with the help of a friend.

Fontanot Wall
Wall Floating Staircase

Fontanot Wall
Wall Floating Staircase

Clip is the DIY stair with a short name that makes a huge statement, not to mention splash of color to the home. The five vibrant colors is the first thing that may catch your eye with orange, violet, white, blue and green, but the innovative design is something to truly take note of, for it has made for a particularly easy DIY setup. Clip features a cutting-edge “tread sleeve,” which is attached to the central pole like a vice, making the treads easy to attach. A quirky twist on a classic staircase, Clip is the ideal attention-grabber.

Fontanot Clip
Clip Staircase

Fontanot Clip Blue
Blue version of Clip staircase

Pixima Mini makes up the line of space saving staircases that mix avant-garde design, style and DIY, all in one tiny staircase. Who said decorating a city-center loft had to be boring? Just because you’re starved for space doesn’t mean you have to be starved for style as well. This rather petite staircase is an astonishing 54cm wide, though the dimensions are free to be customized based on the space you have. The structure also features a unique pattern of alternating treads, a method used to save space.

Fontanot Pixima Mini
Pixima Mini

Fontanot Pixima Mini
Pixima Mini

Got an eye for the environment and want to keep it green? Mix Italian quality with eco-friendly design with the Techne staircase. A new wave in sustainable interior design, Techne is the first staircase in the world to be built using technopolymer, a plastic material that is 100% recyclable. It also comes in a stair kit for easy DIY setup and is made using special paint that makes it resistant to UV rays. So if you were thinking about that garden project, Techne works outdoors as well.

Fontanot Techne

Fontanot Techne

DIY doesn’t mean sacrificing style for savings. These are just some ideas of easy assembly stairs that appreciate color, contemporary forms and emerging trends, something to compliment every room of every house.

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