How To Clean and Keep Your Kitchen Organized

There’s so little time yet so many things to do. That has always been a popular excuse when cleaning and keeping the kitchen organized. Getting everything in its proper place makes the kitchen a happier place to cook food in. In addition, it will be much easier to prepare and cook food when you are not bothered with so much clutter around. In this article, we will guide you on how to organize the kitchen.

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De-clutter Regularly

Before anything else, the first step to having an organized space is to remove clutter. Trash everything that you do not need. Check the expiration dates on labels of food and see if there are items that are already spoiled. Quickly remove them from the refrigerator to avoid contamination with other food. Also, by checking what you have in the fridge, you would have an idea of things you need to buy next in the grocery store. Put back other things that should not be in the kitchen to their proper storage area. Installing hooks and drawers will be a great help so you can easily get access to kitchen tools wherever you need them.

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Sanitize The Sink

There are surveys conducted and results state that the kitchen sink is even dirtier than the toilet seat. Believe it or not, the kitchen sink is one of the unclean parts of the home. This is because the kitchen sink is often left dirty with plates and utensils unwashed after meals. Through time, these things accumulate bacteria and germs that may be the culprit for sicknesses and viruses.

Hence, the proper way to get rid of it and disinfect is to sanitize the sink first with the very basic soap and water. Once rinsed, spraying a mist of vinegar then hydrogen peroxide will make you more successful in eliminating the buildup of bacteria and mold.

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Do The Dishes

Regardless your family size, you should be able to delegate people to be responsible to washing the dishes. You can either have a house helper, a dish washer, or members in the family volunteering for the chore, but make sure not to have the bacteria sitting around too long since it will be harder to remove the stains later on.

This not only applies to dishes but also to frying pans, spatulas, utensils, chopping board, and all other items in the kitchen. Especially when you use them frequently, some just forget about cleaning them thinking that they will use them immediately after anyway. In case there are stains formed, you may use baking soda or bleach applied on a damp sponge. Wipe it around the stained surfaces.

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Sweep & Mop The Floor

You can use bedtime as the perfect time to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. This is when everybody else is ready to go to bed and preparing to sleep, so you can be sure that no one will mess it up after cleaning. It is also a must to choose a good set of broom and mop. One with finer bristles is great as this can pick up smaller dirt particles faster. If you have a carpet in the kitchen, also consider services such as carpet cleaning in Gold Coast so you don’t miss any spot.

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Sparing time to clean the kitchen is ideal since keeping it organized does not necessarily have to be a time-consuming chore. Part of making your home a breathable, livable and spotless place is being careful about cleaning and not allowing dirt and grease just circle their way all throughout the place. With the help of these tips, now you have more ideas on how to make it possible.


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