7 Quick Ways to Revive Home Decor


embroidery bed sheets and pillow

Whether you’re a home design enthusiast or simply someone who enjoys beautifying your home, you may have experienced at least once to run out of new ideas for your home decor. It could be as tough as recipe-making or even carpet cleaning, be it in Adelaide or any other part of Australia.

It could be quite tricky but it’s possible! Besides, you would want to update your decor so it wouldn’t look less appealing. Here are 5 quick ways to do it!


Add an extra shelf to the base of your long centre table in your living room. Use wood planks. Maintain the original details of the planks such as worn-out paint and texture for more character. You can put magazines and other reading materials underneath or perhaps porcelain vases and furnishings. You could also further divide the table’s bottom into parts for more space, but keep all sided open.

Studio Apartment Interiors InspirationImage Source By Atomic 3D


Hang a large framed photograph on your wall and take down that rustic painting that you’ve had for years. It will depend on your choice whether you want monochromatic or colorful pictures but we suggest that you stick to your theme of liking. Photo mosaics are also advisable. Who knows, this may inspire you to pursue photography so you can add more pictures to your house!

natural decorate large wall photo frameImage Source By Poppy Talk


Ask help from a tailor to sew trimmings to the edges of your curtains or you may do so yourself if you know how. You may also add tassels on the bottom part.

Repaint the frame and legs of an old chair or couch with a bright color. If you have leather sofas, put patterned Afghan on top of the backrests.

interesting valance idea with the roman panels purple color


Of course, wallpapers are only meant for walls, right? Apparently not! Try this awesome trick: use printed wallpaper for your ceiling. We kid you not! It would give a subtle freshness to any room and would actually look good. Just keep everything else in the room minimal so it would be the main focus. It will be fun to just gaze at your nice ceiling all day long.

printed wallpaper designs for ceilingImage Source By Greg Natale


Replace side desks or night tables with handmade carts. Pick ones made of durable woven materials or a simple wicker one would do. You could place books, trinkets and other stuff that you usually put beside you before sleeping. In the absence of woven materials, you could put a square trunk instead.

contemporary bedroom small side tableImage Source By Molly McGinness


If you’ve had the same old laundry basket for years, perhaps it’s now time to get rid of it! Do your laundry in style and go for printed canvas storage bins with lids and wire support. These would be useful in sorting clothes out and protecting them from dust and damage before washing. Convenience-wise, you could put them under your bed to save space, or even use them as extra seating when you have visitors.

Organize your entryway with Printed Canvas Storage BinsImage Source By Garnet Hill


Liven up pillowcases or bedspreads by putting stitched-on embellishments. You can also embroider them or better yet make crocheted ones. Practice cross-stitching during your free time and work on sheets and pillowcases. You can even design and make your own rug or carpet! Search for various patterns in the Web that you can easily do on your textile furniture.

embroidery bed sheets and pillowImage Source By The Beetle Shack


Amp up your tired decor in no time with the easy tips listed above! These would surely help you maximize your furniture and space and update what you already have. Learn how to innovate with designs and you will surely have new-looking pieces without spending a lot!


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