8 Ideas For Your Child’s Old Bedroom


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Normally, parents convert their children’s old rooms into stockrooms when they outgrow them. Mums and Dads run out of novel ideas on how they could transform these rooms into something new.

Apparently, there are a lot of options to choose from, and we have narrowed them down into 8 for you!


One of the best things that you can probably do with your child’s old bedroom is to turn it into a mini-library. You can start by putting on a new backdrop on the walls or re-painting them. It’s your choice if you want hanging or standing shelves; it really depends on your preference. If you choose to have hanging shelves, make sure that they are mounted securely on the walls since they’re going to hold a lot of weight.

Gather the books you bought for your kids when they were younger and stack them all in one corner, or add more books and sort them by genre. Arranging them alphabetically would also be helpful. If you have other reading materials aside from books, you may put them in the shelves or clear a separate space for them. While you’re at it, set up a study area, mini-office or lounge for guests to provide relaxation while browsing and reading. Install appropriate lighting to avoid eye-strain and other inconveniences.

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Art/Hobby Room

Give your child’s old bedroom a major overhaul by turning it into an artsy-fartsy part of your home! It can be anything you’re passionate about—painting, photography, music, or even pottery. This is quite easier to do since you have the freedom to add personal touches to every bit of the room. You may hang colorful paintings on the wall or put photo mosaics anywhere you wish. If you have a bigger room, place a long table made of reclaimed wood in the center which will serve as your main workplace. Make it a place where you can find solitude and comfort in art.

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You wouldn’t want to work in the same room where you sleep, right? Well the ultimate solution would be to have your office in a separate room. Seize that opportunity to change your child’s old bedroom into a place where you could work at home. Pick tones that are bright but not too loud, like lemon yellow, apple green, and other light colors for a sunny and relaxing vibe. For your table, you may use a desk made of laminated wood. Invest in a good office chair that will not give you back problems, as well as an efficient desk lamp. Place your equipment such as computers, printers, and scanners on a sturdy surface to avoid damage. Keep your desk clutter-free by using organizers and pen holders. File cabinets would be best for easy storage.

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If you want to stay fit in the comfort of your own home, convert a spare room into a fitness area. You may start with simple weights and exercise mats, then move on to more complex machines if you ever decide to upgrade your workout routine. It would be advisable to mount large, full-length mirrors on your walls so you could check yourself for proper form, and to create the illusion of a brighter and larger room. Install an LCD TV with the size of your choice for those days when you want to watch workout routines for inspiration.

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Walk-In Closet

Putting your stuff in one place could often be a problem for you, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to fix everything or your closet is too small. Turns out—you could make something very useful out of your child’s old bedroom, a walk-in closet! You might need a few of your handyman skills in this project.

Measure the dimensions of the room so you could visualize the length and size of the racks, cabinets, and drawers. Decide whether you would have a wall-mounted or floor-mounted closet. Wall-mounted closets are hung and attached directly to the wall. Floor-mounted ones are mostly based on the ground, like cabinets. Both types of closet are durable and can usually blend well with the design of the home.

Wire shelves are the most economical but you may also use melamine-coated panels if you choose to have a floor-mounted closet. Heavy to medium-length clothes must be hung and lighter ones like T-shirts, sweaters, and underwear should be put in a drawer. Sort them according to size, color or brand, depending on what you fancy. Put your jewelry and other accessories in the topmost and shallowest drawer. Organize your shoes and bags by placing them in clear plastic boxes, or dedicating separate shelves for them. Finish off with full-length mirrors, a boudoir, and a backless couch in the middle. Instead of the usual mini-spotlights in closets, try LED strip lighting that would provide evenly-distributed illumination.

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Guest Room

Trade your child’s old bed for something more functional and updated, perhaps teak or dark wood. Use Earth tones like greens, browns and blacks, or neutral hues. Add more natural furniture like small pots of plants and flowerbeds on window panes. A stylish lamp on a bedside table would complement the over-all look. Install a medium-sized closet that your guest/s could put their stuff in during their stay.

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Sanctuary / Reflection Room

There are days when you want some peace and quiet within you, but you can’t find a place to reflect. Worry no more, because an old room may just be the meditation room of your dreams! Take all furniture out of the spare room. Spread a large carpet or mat enough to cover the whole floor and toss pillows of equal sizes with the colors of your choice. You may opt to assemble an altar for prayer, depending on your religious beliefs. Open the windows wide when you’re in your reflection room, and achieve your most sought-after Zen in no time.

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Entertainment Room

To avoid crowding your living room with too much electronics, try transferring your gaming consoles and equipment to another room. Consider the size of the room before you move them. You can install LCD TVs, speakers, projectors, and other home theater appliances in your new entertainment room. Follow user guides when setting up equipment and see to it that the accessories are complete, such as cables, installers, and controllers. You could choose between long plush couches and reclining chairs, though we suggest that you pick the latter because they’re more comfortable. Ideally, this room should have dim lights to contrast with the brightness being emitted by all the equipment.

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From Boring to Beautiful

Making over an old room into something entirely different could turn out to be something very useful for you and your family! Don’t let spare spaces go to waste. Let your creative juices flow and reinvent them!

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