5 Fresh Design Details You Should Try Right Now


clever way to divide a space in bedroom

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your interior design? It’s normal to feel bored with your home set – up at some point. This is when the remodelling urge hits hard. Not all people can afford to make major renovations. The good news is that even small changes with high impact can a give a room a brand new look. If you are out of inspiration or you need to deal with a difficult area at home, you can go out of the box with a couple of creative ideas for fresh designs.

Beautiful Fresh Design of Wall Painting With White Background Wall

fresh living room decorating ideas

Fresh Wall Decor Ideas

Stylize the Corners

An empty corner can really drag your design down. It simply looks dull and boring. Plus, it is a waste of precious space. A naked corner is a great double duty spot – you can add an interesting detail that can serve as storage as well. For example, you can install open shelving and display some of your interesting collections or to store your books or multimedia. Pegboards are clean and fashionable way to bring functionality. Another option is to dress it with a collage or turn it into a small gallery for your artwork or photography. You can do a lot in a corner, so explore!

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Beautify Your Storage

If you are a small apartment dweller or you simply need to fit everything in a limited space, you probably know the space of finding a storage solution. If you can’t hide your stuff just show them off. Use your belongings to bring interest and drama in our decor. You like cooking? Layer your cookware in an unexpected ways. Cover your open shelving with a colourful bowls and plates. Or maybe you prefer spending time with a book? You can simply stack them on the floor. If you have a library wall, paint the inside of the backside of the bookshelves.

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Visually Divide Your Space

Whether you live in a spacious home or you are dealing with a teeny – tiny studio, you can use pattern and colour to create various segments within your interior. If you are going through relocation or you are in the middle of a home improvement, take advantage and experiment with wall painting. The colourful feature can serve as a focal point and make the design more organized.

Divide home decor Space

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Embrace Asymmetry

Generally, symmetry is associated with harmony. Although this is a safe bet, it can make your design dull. If you want to shake up the room’s decor, go for the unexpected. Asymmetrical design can look amazing when done right. You can incorporate it in your artwork or furniture arrangement.

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Try Naked Decor

Make your cleaning routine easier by integrating with a purely minimalistic design. Don’t underestimate the power of the negative space. The bedroom is the best place to try out this design. Keeping the details to the bare minimum will give your eyes the opportunity to rest. Don’t go overboard with the simplicity or you can get the opposite result. You need to find the middle ground between soothing and well designed room.

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