Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Fire Pits

For centuries families and communities have used fires to bring people together, for celebrations and to bring warmth to their houses. This is probably why in our modern times that fire pits have become so popular. They are perfect for creating a safe and easy fire in your backyard. What is the best one for you though? Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes and can be both wood or gas powered, deciding on which is the best for you a hard one. We’ve put together some of our recommendations and tips to keep in mind when choosing your new fire pit.

Where should I put it?

Where should I put it

There is no specific fit where a fire pit is best installed, but for many, it is the central point of their yard. Generally, you’ll need some room around your pit for people to stand around, and we recommend adding some wind protection depending on where you live. If you are planning on using your pit on a regular basis, having it close to your house may be a good idea to make it convenient to walk outside after a long day and chill by the fire.

During the winter months this may be a perfect time to huddle up around the pit, but make sure to cover your pit with some sort of weather resistant cover to as protection if the weather gets especially bad.

Should I buy gas or a wood burning pit?

Should I buy gas or a wood burning pit
Gas powered pits have become very popular in the last few years. Compared to wood pits, they are convenient and minimize the need for adding logs a few times an hour, along with the sparks and smoke that comes with it. You can just switch on and go. If you’re after a more ‘authentic’ experience though, there is something special about the smell of wood burning in the garden. You can find great gas and wood burning pits here https://godu-tuin.nl/vuurschalen-cortenstaal.

How do they work?

How do they work
If you have a gas burning fire pit, they work by installing a pipe from your main gas line into your pit. Be careful where you install your new pit to make this process as simple as possible. If you have a wood-burning pit then no installation is needed, but we recommend having your stockpile of wood close to hand.

What about seating?

What about seating
This very much depends on the where your pit is and the how big your yard or garden is. If you plan on using your pit a lot, you may want to think about getting more long-term seating which will survive all months and weather. If you’re thinking about moving your pit around, then get some furniture that is easy to move with it. Either way though, if you invest some time into the area around your fire pit we can guarantee that you’ll have many fond memories in your garden.

We hope this has given you some helpful advice and useful tips – fire pits are indeed a significant investment, and we hope you share many happy memories around yours.

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