Creating a Low Maintenance Rental Property

The purpose of having a rental property is to make money. One of the biggest expenses that landlords have is when tenants move in and out. One thing that you can do to make your rental property more cost-effective during the move-in and move-out phase is create a durable and low maintenance property.

Install Tile Flooring

Install Tile Flooring

It’s time to take the carpet out and install something strong and durable that even the worst tenant will have trouble damaging. You can install large tiles that have less grout and are easy to clean when your tenants move in and out.

If you are going for a more high-end look, you can use ceramic tiles that actually look like wood. These are more expensive, but they look great. Just be sure and screen your tenants well if you are going to add an expensive amenity like this.

Upgrade Lights and Plugs

Upgrade Lights and Plugs
You want your lighting to be functional. Having lights that are operated by a switch makes life much easier for your tenant. Messing around with plugins and lamps is always a nuisance and an inconvenience.

You want to avoid pendant lights and chandeliers, and things that can get dusty or damaged. You want solid functional lighting that looks good and is easy for your tenants to maintain and change bulbs.

It’s also a good idea to upgrade the plugins, so that people have places to plug in their phone and charge their electronics. This will not only make your rental look more high-end, but it can prevent blown fuses and power problems.

Maintain Drains and Plumbing

Maintain Drains and Plumbing

If anyone can break a faucet, it is a tenant. Install strong solid plumbing fixtures that work properly. You don’t want to rent the place out with leaks and old plumbing that’s prone to breaking and damaging your property.

Use Semi-gloss Paint Throughout

Use Semi-gloss Paint Throughout
An awesome landlord secret is using semi-gloss paint throughout the house. It’s common to paint kitchens, bathrooms, and trim with semi-gloss paint and then paint the rest of the house with a flat paint. Learn more about paint options at Paintmates.

Unless you are restoring an old mansion, there is no reason why you can’t use semi-gloss paint throughout your house. This makes the walls washable and more stain resistant. You can also save the existing colors and wash and touch up in between tenants as opposed to repainting all of the walls.

Have an Outdoor Maintenance Plan

Have an Outdoor Maintenance Plan
If your rental has an outdoor area, you will need to have a plan for the landscaping. You can leave the maintenance to your tenant, but this leaves the door open to your landscaping getting ruined or complaints from neighbors.

If you have a nice lawn, you can install automatic sprinklers. This not only ensures that your lawn gets water, but it also prevents over-watering and keeps your water bill down. You could also have a gardener to look after the lawn and maintain it. This ensures your lawn always looks great.

Another option is hardscaping. You can use rocks, ground cover, perennials, or pavers to design a low-maintenance lawn that doesn’t need much care or watering. If it is just a small patio space, you could just leave it as cement or you could even put some synthetic grass in an area. This looks like real grass but doesn’t require any maintenance.

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