Essential Tips for Decluttering When Moving

Moving closets full of things you don’t use anymore just doesn’t make sense. Not only will you fill your new home with unnecessary items, but you will also increase the total weight of your household. Besides, relocation should be the beginning of the new chapter in your life. So, why not start fresh, without clutter? Here are some essential tips for decluttering when moving.

The one year rule

Before you start looking for moving companies in Lake Worth and packing for your move, you should get rid of the clutter.  Decluttering is not just a physical challenge, it is also a psychological one. Therefore, you may need to follow some rules in order to discipline yourself. We all find it tempting to hang onto items we once loved but no longer use. We always think we might use them someday again. But the truth is, we never do. More specifically, if you haven’t used a particular item in the past year, you’re unlikely to use it in the next year. It’s that simple. And if you are not going to use something in the next year, then you will probably never use it again.

This means giving up some things, but it’s also healthy and liberating. Plus, most moving companies, such as Moving Kings Van Lines FL, include the weight of your goods when giving you an estimate. Consequently, with a lower weight, your move will be cheaper, too. This is the time to give up those jeans you wore in high school, your failed DIY projects, and your workout equipment now used as children’s toys and most of your old stuff from childhood. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to keep your dearest memories, but don’t overdo it.

Essential tips for decluttering when moving (3)

1First sort things out, using 3 boxes.

Sort things out

Start with sorting several groups of items. This way, you will be making a choice between several items with the same purpose, and also, you will have them all at one place. Also, you don’t need to go through the entire house while decluttering.

  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Decoration
  • Appliances
  • Clothes
  • Serving items
  • Camping and outdoor gear
  • Toys
  • Hobby items
  • Holiday items

The three boxes method

This is a very efficient method for decluttering when moving. Do one room at time and for every room you tackle, bring three boxes.  One box is for the stuff you will keep, one for the stuff to throw away, and one for the stuff to donate or sell. And as you go through drawers and closets, drop each item into one of the three boxes. Don’t leave anything unsorted, that would be cheating.

Giving up the material things does not mean losing memories.

Expiration Dates

Chances are that your kitchen, bathroom and pantry contain a few items past their prime. So, before you start packing, check for expiration dates. Some things can last for years but lose potency after some time, so try to remember when you bought those things. If you have had some food or toiletries for a while, open it and smell the contents. If it smells funny or the smell has changed, it should be tossed. When it comes to the bathroom, most makeup products, such as mascara and concealer, expire after a year. And using old makeup can cause you allergies, so better toss it. On the other hand, if you are keeping some toiletries that don’t suit you, think of a friend who would use them.


The good news is that you can digitize all of your CDs, DVDs, cassettes, videos, pictures, and important documents and save them to the cloud or a computer hard drive to free up space. Of course, you should keep hard copies of important personal documents, such as social security cards and birth certificates.  But all other important financial and personal documents, you should keep saved somewhere. You can transfer all of your DVDs and CDs to digital files. This way, you can get rid of boxes, discs, and videos and make your move much lighter. Digitizing is definitely one of the essential tips for decluttering when moving.

Furthermore, you can simply scan most documents to a computer and save them as a PDF file. Also, you can upload them to the cloud using services like DropBox or Google Drive. You can easily transfer DVDs and CDs to digital files by using computer programs, such as Movavi, WinX DVD Ripper, or Freemake Video Converter. Just be aware that some contents are copyrighted, which may prevent you from making a copy.

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3Digitize all CDs and DVDs and scan important documents.

Let the things go

We often keep many more items than we actually need, with the excuse that they have sentimental value. But how many of these items still remind you of something? Not all of them, right? Therefore, you should let go of this type of things, since they are not really memories. And then go even further. Do you really need all the items that hold some memories? Are the items the ones that hold memories or is it us? Getting rid of material things does not mean getting rid of the memory or the person with whom the item was once connected. This may sound cheesy, but those are all just stuff. If you need to, take a photo of it, and then bless someone else with it, by donating it.

This tip is especially useful when it comes to items that remind you of unpleasant moments. Get rid of them and set yourself free. These sentimental reminders are the most challenging to let go, but sometimes it needs to be done. Ask yourself, are you using it? Does it make you smile? Maybe it could make someone else smile. Thinking about that probably makes you smile, so it’s a win-win situation.

Essential tips for decluttering when moving

Decluttering is hard, that’s true. But it is also practical, thrifty and liberating. And sometimes it is even necessary. Having a little clutter is artistic, but having a lot makes you trapped by your own belongings. Therefore, we hope that our essential tips for decluttering will make hard decisions a bit easier. Be bold and start today. Your future is waiting!

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