Top Reasons to Buy a Home in Kelowna?

Kelowna in British Colombia is visited by people from all around the world. A variety of wineries, championship golf courses, activities such as snowboarding and skiing, hiking and mountain biking and a host of other things make this destination so popular. Kelowna has a very unique collection of neighborhood that has a long list of desirable amenities. The weather, lifestyle and accessible recreation ignites the want in people to buy a home in Kelowna to enjoy the famous term, the Okanagan Lifestyle.

Kelowna is a haven for startups and small business owning to the rapidly growing technology sector. And the local economy of Kelowna is majorly contributed by the Kelowna International Airport, Interior Health, UBC-Okanagan and Okanagan College.

The following are the top most reasons to why we think one should own a home in Ke-lowna.

1. Weather: Kelowna enjoys mild winters, crisp autumns, hot summers and beautiful springs. With 2000 hours of annual sunshine and temperature averaging at 30 degrees Celsius, Kelowna boasts of fantastic weather conditions.

2. Wine: Being the heart of British Columbia’s wine country, Kelowna has over 200 wineries in the Okanagan region with wine-drinking and wine-touring being the favorite pass time of the lo-cals.

3. Lake: The famous Okanagan lake is a year around spot for fishing and boating as the lake freezes rarely. The lake adds to the view of Kelowna and you can also go about looking for a home overlooking the lake. The lake is visited by a lot of kayakers, boaters, paddle boarders and swimmers in the summer months and the lake is a great source of recreation for the locals along with the famous wineries.

4. Sports and Other Recreation: The big White Ski Resort is a famous ski center in Kelowna. People also enjoy biking in the Myra Canyon Trestles. And hiking and mountain biking is a common activity here promoting a fitter lifestyle. The locals also enjoy the hockey matches be-tween Westside Warriors and Kelowna Rockets.

5. Cultural Amenities: Kelowna has a variety of artists studios, art galleries, dance studios, thea-tre and music classes. And as of live performances, one can head over to the Okanagan Sympho-ny, Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre, Kelowna Actors Studio and Theatre Kelowna. There are several other music companies offering live performances in the area.

6. Golf: Kelowna also boasts of a number of golf courses. Finding a golf course here is an easy task. The Gallagher’s Canyon, The Kelowna Golf, The Harvest Golf Club and the Country Club are all world-class championship courses. The clubs operate between February and November.

7. Dining and Shopping: The South Pandosy area or the downtown are famous shopping op-tions here, one can find boutique stores to big box, all in here. Costco, Winners, Walmart, Home Depot and many other famous Superstore chains are also present here. The place also boast of a long list of chain restaurants and local dining spots.

8. Parks in Downtown: The Prospera Place is a 6000 seat multipurpose facility in downtown and is the home to the Western Hockey League team, The Kelowna Rockets. The venue hosts a variety of musical and cultural acts. The Waterfront Park and the City Park Beach are two other great leisurely options in Downtown and these areas also offer superb cafes, pubs, restaurants and shopping as well.

9. Education and Medical Facilities: Kelowna has public schooling facilities till grade 12 in a lot of its neighborhoods with private schooling options also being available. UBC- Okanagan offers a variety of degree programs and post-secondary education.

As of medical facilities the Kelowna General Hospital is the most comprehensive and the larg-est facility in southern British Columbia. It boasts of a full treatment cancer clinic. There are also a variety of specialty medical offices and clinics close to the hospital

Kelowna is ideal for a home and one cannot find a reason why not get one. Facilities and amenities are all available and recreation and shopping and other activities are also taken care of. The listed reasons justify why people from all walks of life are keen in getting a home here.

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