5 Ideas for Using the Beetle Chair in Your Living Rooms!

The Beetle chair is versatile enough to be used in many ways, but one of its most popular placements remain in a living room. If you’re looking for ways to do that, then here are 5 ideas for your perusal:

1. As a standalone accent chair



Gone are the days when the living room used to be a cluster of oversized couches of all size and shapes. We live in an era of minimalism and even a single statement sofa is enough to make your living rooms totally classy these days. But sometimes – especially when your space is larger than usual – you’ll find that just a single couch is not enough of a furniture requirement. This is where the standalone accent Beetle chair comes in. Placed at a strategic angle to your sofa, it can make the ambiance feel fuller and more functional. You can even contrast its upholstery to the shades of your sofa.

2. Duology of facefronts


If you feel like just one Beetle chair is too little to add visual value to your home interiors, you can opt for the dual set-up. This one features a single statement sofa facing two contrasting accent chairs with the coffee table in between. The trick here is creating the right accents. If your sofa upholstery features a single color tone, you can pick the Beetle chair upholstery to be patterned and vice versa. It’ll help you get a more diverse aesthetic.

3. Knowing the style


While the placement and layout is all well and good, you also need to understand the style of your ambiance to select the best Beetle chair color scheme. The regal contemporary style of these chairs looks positively stunning in a gorgeous natural themed modern interior design. However, it can work just as well in the breezy atmosphere of the Scandinavian aesthetic. You can even choose a single-tone upholstered Beetle chair to introduce a stagnant aura in an eclectic style interior design.

4. Remembering the visual balance


Living room furniture is always tricky to pick because it needs to be carefully balanced out in visuals. You cannot create monotony in the ambiance by matching all of your furnishings. Contrast and harmony go hand in hand. The sleek, stylish look of the Beetle chair is perfect for emulating this color balance in your spaces. No matter what color or pattern your couch is, you can always select a Beetle chair in a complementary design to complement it.

5. Pairing with the right accessories


The Beetle chair has a very minimalist outlook, which is why it needs to be complemented with the right accessories to feel wholesome. While the surroundings can seem holistic with the couch, end tables, and coffee tables, you have to pick out décor items that can make the Beetle chair feel like a part of the whole ambiance. Floor lamps, ottomans, and tiny end tables laden with decorative baubles are a great accompaniment to the sophisticated look of the Beetle chair.

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