Important Things You Need To Know About Chesterfield Sofas

The chesterfield sofa is not just another piece of house furniture, but a priceless piece of history that helps people to make their living spaces stylish. This traditional sofa provides your space with a lavish outlook to help make a statement when friends visit.

To derive more from a chesterfield coach, it is important to also understand it and associated history. Therefore, how much do you know your Chesterfield sofa? Here are the important things you need to know about this iconic furniture piece.

The history of Chesterfield sofa traces back to the 17th century

Chesterfield sofa

The first chesterfield style sofa is believed to have been commissioned around 1750 by Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. In the original piece, the sofa had quilted leather upholstery, deep buttons, and low seat base.

After many years of variations and improvements, the distinguishing charm of the sofa still remains in both leather and fabric chesterfield sofa designs. The sofa has now become the emblem of British style and graced prominent businesses, palaces of loyalty, luxury homes, and gentleman’s clubs.

Today, the chesterfield coach has also become a common piece of furniture in most homes as people try to replicate its thrill in their spaces. In most homes, real leather sofas are associated with modern chesterfield sofas.

The types of leather used for chesterfield sofas construction

Chesterfield sofas are designed using high-quality leather in the market today. The leather can be pigmented or aniline.

The pigmented leather

The pigmented leather

Pigmented leather used in quality leather sofas is the type with the most consistent surface texture and durability. The texture is achieved from the polymer surface coating that contains pigments.

The coating helps to make the leather more resistant to scuffing, soiling and fading. Because of flexible modern finishing methods, the pigmented leather used in leather sofas can also be printed, embossed, or simply left plain to derive a natural outlook.

The aniline leather

The aniline leather

The aniline leather is meant to preserve the hide’s natural characteristic. This implies that if you select a chesterfield sofa designed with aniline leather, the look will be more natural compared to luxury sofas designed with other types of leather.

The aniline leather is collared with dye and does not receive polymer treatment. However, a layer of non-pigment coating is applied in some cases to improve aesthetics or prevent it from soiling.

Note that chesterfield couches created with aniline leather are likely to soak up liquids and vulnerable to direct effect of sunlight. Therefore, it is important to consider them for indoor fittings and take extra care to maintain their impressive appeal.

The chesterfield couch frame

The chesterfield couch frame

The design of the chesterfield frame is aimed at delivering its unique shape and durability. The frame is made from hardwood to guarantee users of optimal quality and value for money.

Though some designers have turned to alternative types of wood, it is advisable to take time looking for the structure constructed with the highest quality material as a guarantee of quality and strength. It is because of the high cost of wood that real leather sofas do not come cheap.

The cushion fillings

There is a variety of cushion fillings that designers use when making Winchester sofa pieces. The common ones include polymer fibres, feathers, and foam. The best leather sofa should have padding over the frame created from a combination of various foam densities for a softer outer feel.

It is crucial that the padding is fixed on the frame by hand to guarantee users of optimal security and comfort. If the cushions are created using other materials such as feathers, the volume should be substantial to make the sofa comfortable. You could even consider a hybrid or foam and feathers for a higher quality sofa.

When you decide to buy the Chesterfield retro sofa, it is important to go for the highest quality possible. By understanding the Chesterfield sofas’ history and characteristics, you are assured of getting the pieces that guarantee the highest value for money.

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